5 of the worst mistakes in the history of science- part 2

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  • Some of history’s most famous scientific mistakes have become major theories of modern science.
  • Albert Einstein and Edward Hubble were at the center of the big mistakes.
  • The Y2K crisis and the discovery of the Archaeraptor are two of science’s most controversial recent events.

In this second installment of our look at some of the biggest mistakes in the history of science, we’ll look at some famous human imperfections, along with the reality that sometimes we didn’t know what our technology was doing or where our ideas were. leads.

Even if we call them fallacies, these examples reveal the inherent falsity of science, which is one of its strengths. For all the things it has brought to our lives, science has its failures, which is, after all, part of the scientific process.

See the first part of this list over here.

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