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Earlier this month, Waikesha Howe left her home in southwest Atlanta to attend a town hall for freedom in Gwinnett County.

Moms for Liberty is a parents’ rights organization founded by some women in Florida who are upset about the Covid-19 safety measures.

Since then, the group has broadened its agenda to include less inclusive curricula centered on race and gender identity. In some Florida school districts, they even found the books banned from classrooms.

The Southern Poverty Law Center named Mothers for Freedom one of the most radical groups of the year. A year of hatred and extremism Report for 2022. The report compared it to Moms for Liberty, an advocacy parent group in 2015. Brown v. Board of Education The decision of the Supreme Court in 1954 According to NPR.

Howe said she had previously heard about Mothers for Freedom’s conservative reputation, but wanted to come check it out for herself. She is a self-described “PTA mom” and is no stranger to getting involved.

She wanted answers.

“I’m tired of seeing our third graders read at grade level,” she said. “I’m tired of seeing our kids graduate, but we know they didn’t get the full 12 years of education they deserve.”

Howe and a friend saw one of their local legislators — Rep. Mesha Menor, who recently switched from Georgia’s Democratic Party to the Republican Party — speak at a town hall. So they set out on a journey.

“We have about an hour left to talk to our kids in the city of Atlanta and get some support,” Howe said.

The local politician was not the only one to speak at the town hall.

Former US Senator Kelly Loeffler was also in attendance. Tina Deskovich, co-founder of Mothers for Freedom, spoke directly before answering a few questions for the audience.

Republican state senators Clint Dixon and Greg Dolezal joined Reps. Mayner and Scott Hilton to chat with Descovich.

After their panel, Howe asked Deskovich and Georgia politicians how she and her friend could get involved.

“We are tired of what we see in our city,” she told the group. “So I want to be very honest.”

“There is strength in numbers,” Mainor replied. “And you have an organization called Mothers for Freedom, which has more resources than either of you… They are looking for chapters to open and why not Mothers for Freedom in Atlanta? I will help him.”

Descovich has twice downplayed Minor’s recommendation that Howe run for her local school board.

“You have to be a community organizer,” Deskovic continued. “It’s important for people like you to get involved, get information and run.”

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