A general introduction to Media and Entertainment Law in USA

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This chapter addresses basic legal protections and restrictions for the media and entertainment industries in the United States. Part II provides a brief review of the most notable events affecting regulation of the US media and entertainment industries in the past year. Part III sets out the legal and regulatory framework that governs those industries, including the relationship between state and federal laws. Section IV sets forth strong protections for free speech and a free press in the United States. In Part V, we look at the main types of intellectual property that protect the media and entertainment industries’ inventions and limit what those industries can do with others’ inventions without first obtaining permission. Part VI deals with the regulatory framework to protect competition and protect consumers. Part VII briefly explores the nature of contract disputes most common to the US media and entertainment industries. In each of these sections we highlight the latest developments and legal trends of interest. The final section, section eight, provides an outlook for the coming year.

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