A nation moving apart

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Americans are moving into societies with communal politics. Is this bad for democracy? Here’s everything you need to know:

How politically divided is the US?

Democratic and Republican voters are now more geographically clustered in states than anywhere else since the Civil War, according to a recent study by University of Maryland and Northwestern University economists. Today, nearly 80% of Americans live in a state where one party controls both the governorship and the legislature. And there are also sharp party divisions within the states. The Cook Political Report estimates about 81% of the nation’s 435 congressmen.
58% of districts are non-competitive by 2024, up from 1999. This is in part.
Because of gerrymandering, explains analyst Dave Wasserman, but mostly because “voters are simply more homogenous” in more districts. In the year By 2021, a Harvard study found that at least 98 percent of Americans live in census tracts with some degree of partisan division. For about 25 million voters, the split would be so extreme that only 1 in 10 voters would be with the opposite party. “Even within the same neighborhood, Democrats and Republicans differ quite a bit,” said study co-author Ryan D. “There is something very basic here.”

What causes geographic polarization?

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