After 151 years, Popular Science will no longer offer a magazine

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After 151 years popular science It is no longer available to purchase as a magazine. In his statement VergeKathy Hebert, Communications Director b Popsky The owner, Recurrent Ventures, says the outlet needs to “evolve” beyond its magazine product. The first full-digital edition in 2021.

PopskyIt published its first edition in 1872, covering various stories related to science, technology and nature. By 1872 things had changed a lot; In the magazine. Change to quarterly publication It is scheduled for 2018 and will phase out its physical copies entirely after 2020.

in Post on LinkedInEx Popsky Editor Purbitha Saha commented on the magazine’s discontinuation, saying, “She is upset, angry and upset that the owners have closed down a pioneering publication that coincided with 151 years of change for a five-minute clarion call.” Dismissals of journalists have had a significant impact on science, particularly in recent weeks. National Geographic cut down The rest of the magazine’s editorial staff in June, after that Gizmodo Dismissal The last climate reporter, and CNBC is closing its climate desk. last week.

“PopSci is a fantastic brand, and as consumer trends change it’s important that we prioritize investment in new formats,” said Herbert. Verge. “We believe the content strategy should evolve beyond digital magazine production. The combination of the news team, along with commercial, video and other initiatives, creates content that naturally aligns with PopSci’s mission.”

PopCC laid off several employees earlier this month, leaving about five members of its editorial staff.

In addition to dropping the format of the magazine Popsky Earlier this month, it laid off a number of staff, leaving about five editorial members and “a handful” of staff in the publication’s business team. according to Axios. Digital media group Recurrent Ventures obtained Popsky In 2021 and Named the third CEO One week before dismissal in three years.

Popsky He will continue to offer articles on the website along with his PopSci Plus subscription, which provides exclusive content and archives of the magazine. However, the outage marks the end of an era, and other outages in the field of science journalism will make it no easier to stay up-to-date on the subject. Our climate or penetration Amazing stories Don’t be outside the media that brings it to our attention.

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