Ala. Medical Cannabis Commission starts business license presentations

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Presentations from companies looking to do business in Alabama’s growing medical cannabis industry began Monday. This is the third time the Cannabis Commission has issued a license for the business, and it has filed lawsuits against companies that previously issued licenses that were illegal.

The commission does not use the results of the application when choosing who to grant a business license to.

10 companies told the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission why they need a commercial license to grow medical cannabis. If selected, companies must start production of the plant within 60 days.

Commission member Taylor Hatchett is also a farmer. Growing cannabis and other crops requires basic elements of light and water, but cannabis can only be grown indoors, she said.

“So that takes a lot of the variability out of the equation that your traditional farmer is looking at and also allows that timing to change because we can control the growing environment, so we’re not waiting until spring,” Hatchett said.

The commission members will rate the companies they choose based on presentations submitted by the companies, written documents submitted by the companies and comments from the public.

“You can read what someone is thinking when they give a presentation, you can see how they understand their commitment to the industry,” said commission chairman Rex Vaughan.

Hatchet is confident that the companies he chooses will be poised to grow.

“Alabama farmers are the absolute best farmers in my opinion,” she said. “And we will undoubtedly have some amazing manufacturers ready to develop and grow this product and create a great product for patients in Alabama.”

The presentation and selection process will last until mid-December, the program will be available to the commission website.

Medical cannabis is expected to be available early next spring.

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