Alejandro Garnacho: Gary Neville says Man Utd winger’s goal vs Everton is best overhead kick he’s ever seen

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Gary Neville believes Alejandro Garnacho’s stunning acrobatic goal at Everton was Wayne Rooney’s Manchester derby winner in 2011 – describing the strike as “the best header” he has ever seen.

In Manchester United’s 3-0 win over Everton, Garnacho stunned Goodison Park with an effort after three minutes, slotting Diogo Dalot’s pass past Jordan Pickford.

In the year Comparisons were drawn between Rooney’s Man United and rivals City goals and Rooney’s winner in 2011, but Garnacho’s efforts were superior, he said, “gymnastics, not football”.

“I’ve never seen a goal as good as that from an overhead kick. That was the most beautiful header,” he said. Gary Neville Podcast.

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Gary Neville says Alejandro Garnacho’s effort against Everton is the Premier League’s greatest penalty.

“You remember that Olivier Giroud [scorpion kick] Which goal was an amazing goal and I have never seen it before? I was there that day and Wayne Rooney’s goal against Man City was a fantastic goal of the game.

“But today I felt it. [Garnacho’s goal] It was something I had never seen before. What immediately struck me was that he had to get away, come in and come back out, moving his feet quickly and then throwing himself into the air.

“I’ve played professional football for so long, I can’t do that, not just overhead kicks, but even going up in the air to make contact with the ball – because I think I’ll break my neck!

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Following Alejandro Garnacho’s stunning goal against Everton, we take a look at some of the best bicycle kicks in Premier League history.

“Most players didn’t know how to do that. It’s gymnastics and acrobatics. It’s gymnastics – it’s not football. It’s the best kick I’ve ever seen.”

“Now there’s going to be people who argue about that and get a header early. But it’s not a bicycle kick, it’s a header. There’s a time when you get into that position on your side. We can all do that. But I’ve never seen the position Garnacho did before. I think Rooney’s close, but Garnacho. It’s better.

Keane: Rooney’s strike is better for a reason.

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Alejandro Garnacho’s stunning overhead kick against Everton was better than Wayne Rooney’s effort in the Manchester derby, according to Roy Keane.

Sky Sports’ Keane disagreed with Neville, however, as the chances of a Manchester derby win were in Rooney’s favour.

“It’s absolutely amazing, we had a good look,” Kian said of Garnacho’s goal. “It’s hard to talk about him because he’s never done it in my life, but the communication and skill levels he does…

“I usually criticize goalkeepers but they kept it out. It’s a fantastic goal.

“The more you see him, the better he gets. Very few players in the world can do that. It’s good to see some young players doing well at Man United.”

“They’ve been watching him all day.”

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Watch every angle as Alejandro Garnacho’s stunning header helped Manchester United to a 3-0 win over Everton.

Asked to compare it to Rooney’s strike, Keane said: “It works. [the Rooney goal] Did he hit his forehead?

“It’s not as clean [a strike]. That definitely hits Wayne Sheen, but I won’t take that away from him.

“The importance of the goal, the fact that it was against City – it hits the tip but it’s a fantastic goal.

“It’s something more pure in Garnacho, but it’s probably closer to Wayne because of the chance.”

What Garnacho and others have to say:

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Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes and Alejandro Garnacho reflect on Garnacho’s header as the Red Devils beat Everton 3-0.

Manchester United goal scorer Alexander Garnacho

“I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t see how I scored, I heard the sound and thought ‘Oh my God’. It’s the best goal I’ve ever scored.”

Could it be the best goal of the season? “Yeah, maybe it’s still November, but…”

Manchester United coach Erik ten Haag to Sky Sports

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Erik ten Haag has praised Alejandro Garnacho’s special goal for Manchester United as his penalty helped the Red Devils beat Everton 3-0 at Goodison Park.

“The season is still long but it could be the goal of the season. But the build-up was very good, it’s about switching and flexibility. But the finish is fantastic.”

Sky Sports’ Karen Carney at Goodison Park:

“As soon as it came on, you’re just thinking, your goodness, he made the connection, and it was early in the game.

“Everything about it was positive, quality, and just in that moment it was just a pure room. There was nothing to say from me.”

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