Amazon launches Q, a business chatbot powered by generative artificial intelligence

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new york — Amazon finally has the answer for ChatGPT.

The tech giant announced on Tuesday that it will launch Q – a generative-powered business chatbot. Artificial intelligence.

The announcement was made in Las Vegas at the company’s annual conference for AWS cloud computing services. AmazonA response to competitors who launched chatbots that captured the public’s attention.

San Francisco startup OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT a year ago has fueled public and business interest in generative AI tools that can spit out emails, marketing jargon, essays and other passages of text.

That focus was first used by OpenAI’s main partner and financial backer, Microsoft, which owns the rights to the underlying technology behind ChatGPT and has used it to develop its own AI tools called Copilot. But it has prompted competitors like Google to launch their own versions.

These chatbots are new AI systems that can generate on-demand readable text by speaking based on learnings from vast databases of digital books, online texts, and other media.

Amazon announced Tuesday that Q can help employees with tasks such as curating content, streamlining day-to-day communications and generating blog posts. He also said that companies can connect Q to their own data and systems to get a customized experience that is more relevant to their business.

The technology is currently available for preview.

Although Amazon is ahead of its competitors Microsoft and Google as a major provider of cloud computing services, it is not recognized as a leader in AI research, leading to advances in generative AI.

A recent Stanford University index that measures the transparency of the top 10 basic AI models, including Amazon’s Titan, ranks Amazon at the bottom. Stanford researchers say the lack of transparency makes it difficult for customers who want to use the technology to know whether they can safely rely on it.

The company, meanwhile, is moving forward. In September, Amazon said it would invest up to $4 billion in Anthropic, a San Francisco-based AI startup founded by former OpenAI employees.

The tech giant is rolling out new services, including an update to its popular assistant Alexa that lets users have more human-like conversations and AI-generated summaries of product reviews for users.

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