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Israel was subjected to a pre-emptive attack on its nation by the Iranian military and Iranian-funded proxy Hamas, the worst massacre in its history. It opened Pandora’s box, forcing Israel to fight a war for its existence, without which it knows there will be many more attacks. October 7 or worse.

The new wars of the twenty-first century are proxy wars, but they are also media wars.

Israel cannot win a media war.

It is only a matter of time before the United Nations international Zionist hate club, with the help of the media, turns international public opinion against Israel.

Israel cannot win an economic war.

It’s a small country the size of New Jersey, with residents displaced from the north and south and its citizens at war. The economic damage to the country is huge. Iran has a very large proxy. Lebanon They have more than twice as many terrorists as Hamas and more than 10 times more missiles than Hamas and are far more sophisticated.

Iran has been waging war against the “little Satan” Israel for decades. October 7 was Israel’s Pearl Harbor and Iran decided to go to extremes. Iran has been waging war against the “Great Satan” America for decades. On October 23, 1983, I preached the gospel to the Marines in Beirut and gave them a small Bible as a Christmas present.

A young soldier in Worcester, Massachusetts asked me if I could send a message to his mother. So, I had my camera crew film it. He said, “Dear Mom, I know you’re praying for me. I’m not coming home for Christmas. But I have a Christmas present for you. I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. Merry Christmas, Mom.”

That Marine and 240 others died by morning. That night I slept on the beach.

Mike Evans (Credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)

Iran has launched more than 40 attacks on US troops since October 7.

Since then, Iran has carried out a series of attacks on several countries in a long-term effort to exert influence in the region. In the year A 2021 State Department report that year alone “Iran Embassy of Israel in New Delhi The Indian government has blamed the IRGC-QF for this and an attempt to attack an Israeli merchant in Cyprus has been foiled.

According to CBS News, the United States currently has the USS Eisenhower carrier strike group in the Red Sea south of Israel, including various weapons and 5,000 sailors. The US also maintains a regional nuclear power, the Ohio-class submarine, in the Mediterranean Sea’s Ford Carrier Strike Group, which includes three ballistic missile defense vessels and four additional warships in the Mediterranean Sea.

In addition, the Pentagon has deployed 1,200 additional troops to the Middle East since October 7. The forces are a barrier to protecting 45,000 U.S. service members and contractors throughout the Middle East. Since October 7, Iran has attacked US troops 40 times.56 US soldiers were reportedly wounded. The US has so far responded with three strikes in Syria. Airstrikes in Syria, more may come.

Everyone is worried about where this might lead. The truth is there is no question where this will lead. It is only a matter of time until Iran’s more powerful proxy gains the power to attack Israel outright. Hezbollah has fired more than 1,000 rockets into Israel since October 7. So far, 6 IDF members and 3 Israeli civilians have been killed.

This puts Israel’s back against the wall. Every Israeli air force base has a parade they must go through before leaving. The image is of Auschwitz and the railroad tracks.

Brigadier General Tomer Bar, who hosted me that day, wrote on the picture, “The sound of thunder was in the sky, the earth shook, it shook” Psalm 28:19.

On October 7th, the smoke of Auschwitz poured into the souls of the Israeli people, creating a trauma the likes of which Israel had never experienced and awakening them to a stark reality. Many Israelis were peaceniks. At the kibbutz where Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen hosted the Irish Foreign Minister and other dignitaries, scores of Israelis were burned alive, beheaded and raped.

In the year In 2024, America will face a presidential election. “It’s the economy, stupid,” was once a popular saying. But now the reality is that Iran is the priority. “Iran is stupid” Before the presidential elections in November 2024, Israel is about to face the terrorist regime of Iran, which has an atomic bomb.

If Hitler had the atomic bomb, the world would be speaking German. Iran is a terrorist nation driven by a mullah who is obsessed with bringing the Mahdi, the 12th descendant of Muhammad, in an apocalyptic process, believing that the moment the apocalypse occurs and he rises, the whole world will fall and become Islam. Caliphate.

Speak boldly of what they are doing against Israel. Iran’s top leader has called Israel “a cancerous tumor that will undoubtedly be removed and destroyed.” It is not a question of if. It is a question of when Israel will be forced to strike Iran, but that doomsday has been pushed back to October 7th. Israel is in an existential crisis. Iran now has an ally, Russia and of course China as well.

Iran’s alliance with Russia was formalized in the drones it sent to Russia for its war with Ukraine.

A top Israeli general and intelligence chief told me of the report that Russia has agreed to help Iran with its nuclear program. They also agreed to provide Iran with a nuclear umbrella, with planes flying over Iranian airspace like Syria. This makes it almost impossible for Israel to go to war with Iran over its nuclear program.

What are Israel’s options? The only window they have is to deal with Iran before the umbrella is in the sky and before Iran gets the atomic bomb. But how do you deal with Iran going to nuke Israel?

Iran’s other proxy, the Houthi rebels in Yemen, are also embroiled in a war against Israel. The group fired a medium-range ballistic missile into Israel last month, which the Israel Defense Forces intercepted with its Arrow air defense system. It was the first time a missile had been destroyed from space, adding to the Israeli military’s high-tech military victories.

During the Yom Kippur War, when Golda Meyer It was reported that Israel faced the possibility of defeat. This prompted an immediate response from the United States to aid Israel.

If the US continues to meet Iran with a proportionate response, Israel will face an apocalyptic dilemma. How do you stop Iran from wiping Israel off the map with a nuclear bomb? Perhaps Israel will be forced to do the unthinkable and implement the Samson Option against Iran, which would be forced to act against Iran in order to save the Iranian government, similar to President Harry Truman’s decision to drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. In the year August 6, 1945 and three days later at Nagasaki to help end World War II.

America should hit Iran

There is only one way to prevent this, and that is if the United States boldly launches a pre-emptive strike against Iran, destroying all its oil refineries and shipping ports. This can be done in a very short time. Iran is less capable of confronting the US. The US has the power to bomb Iran into the Stone Age if they try to do so.

Basically, the US could bankrupt Iran within 72 hours by destroying its ports and oil refineries. Iran received $10 billion from the US under the Biden administration. Attacks will stop these funds from spreading terror, and the Iranian people will have the power to overthrow the government.

Another option is to attack Karg Island. And that sends a signal of what’s to come if they don’t retreat to Iran. The Karg Island oil terminal reportedly exports 80% of the country’s 2.2 million barrels per day.

America needs it Bankrupt Iran And terrorism is to prevent an apocalyptic crisis on the horizon and to send a signal to any terror.

The author is the founder of Friends of Zion.

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