Ample Hills Founders Fired Months Into Relaunching the Business

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It looks like the time has come for the founders of Ample Hills to finally let go of the ice cream brand they built. After trying to do it Restart In the spring, Amp Hills, Jackie Cuscuna and Brian Smith said they were fired by the investors who bought the business back, according to the report. Inc.

Rocky Road is more than just an ice cream flavor; It seems like a sad theme for married couples. In the year In 2011, they opened Amp Hills in Prospect Heights. The business exploded and expanded to 17 locations, quickly becoming known as the top ice cream shop in the city and beyond. But in 2020 operators bankrupt, And Cuscuna and Smith were forced to sell the business to a company called Schmidt Industries for $1 million. Remaining places In a short time, following the charge of unpaid rent.

In the meantime, the two players did not give up on the camp and started Social in 2021, the nostalgic ice cream parlor is back, still open, just a few blocks from the original Prospect Heights & Hills. Those new investors helped the couple buy back Amp Hills’ business, including the cookbook and social media accounts. Fast company In the year It announces a relaunch in 2023. There were three Amp Hills leases at the time, the report said.

Cuscuna and Smith for E.C. Speaking, they believe they were fired because of the conflict with CEO Lisa Teacher: “I think at the end of the day, the investors got tired of us fighting with the CEO and they finally came to a decision.” side by side with their CEOs rather than the founders,” Smith told the publication. However, Investor Norm Brodsky They told the EC that the reason for their termination was more than issues related to the general manager.

Smith told the ECC, “We got a little too much confidence and not enough assurance, the partners will regret going ahead with the contract when they read it.” “It wasn’t just a job for us,” Cuscuña told the publication. With the shops, the brands, the ice cream, the communities we created creatively – it was our life’s work.

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