An Opinion on a Fall Favorite: Soup

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Peyton Hassinger

Features editor

It’s that time of year again. The weather has dropped below 70º, and all you want to do is curl up in bed and watch. Gilmore Girls In hot tomato basil soup – or maybe broccoli cheddar? Maybe chicken noodle soup? That sounds like a perfect day to most people. I am not one of those people.

I apologize for the insult. Trust me, there are days when I crave a warm, soothing cup of soup and warm glass covers my palms. But those days are few and far between. Soup is simply an overrated and impractical “food”. Most days I choose a whole meal, something that really fills me up.

Normally, when one wants soup, one does not eat it just because one is hungry, and that is what evolution has taught us to do. No, when someone wants soup, it is undeniable that they are doing it for the experience. They choose to ignore what they are actually putting into their bodies for the sake of consciousness.

I know this because if they were eating it because they were hungry, it would only take one bowl of soup to fill them up. I occasionally choose to have soup for dinner, pairing it with a side dish like a grilled cheese sandwich. When it comes to mealtimes, it is simply not practical.

Additionally, mindless eating can cause people to ignore the nutrients they are eating. As I stated earlier, most people eat soup for the experience, not the health benefits. It’s true that many soups are extremely healthy and can do wonders for your immune system. However, what people really crave are soups like chicken noodle soup, chowder, and bisque that are loaded with sodium and saturated fat. The combination of general nutrients and the desire to eat more than one time can quickly affect your health.

don’t worry! After hearing this terrible news about what I’m sure is your favorite food, what can I do to satisfy the relief I feel when eating a bowl of soup? Allow me to draw your attention to tea. The important experience of eating soup can be equally satisfied with a nice and hot cup of tea. You will find warmth, and you will find peace, all without the harmful and irritating sauce.

Just like soup, there are endless tea flavors, for every day! You don’t have to limit this feeling of happiness to the last hour of the day when it is acceptable to have a bowl of soup. You can drink tea at any time of the day, and why wouldn’t you want to?

In conclusion, soup is not worth your time. I don’t mean to crush your dreams of enjoying a warm bowl on a cold November day. Do a simple cost-benefit analysis of eating soup using the evidence I’ve presented here, and you’ll see if you’re doing more harm to your body and mind.

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