Arizona Green Party seeks official political party status

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The Arizona Green Party filed a petition with the Secretary of State’s office on Tuesday.

Third parties seeking official status must collect 34,127 valid signatures to be recognized. Green Party officials estimate they have collected 63,000 signatures on their petition this year.

Former Arizona Green Party Co-Chair and former write-in gubernatorial candidate Leanna West said the party was She said she is confident he will be eligible for re-election in 2024.

“Our political view as the Green Party is that everyone has a voice,” she said. “We want to participate in democracy and this is our demand.”

The Foreign Office and county recorders now verify signatures collected by Green Party supporters. Officials from the state’s Republican and Democratic parties were on hand to watch as members of the Green Party submitted their signatures.

The Green Party of Arizona was a recognized political party in Arizona until 2019. When he loses that rank After that, a poor showing in the 2018 gubernatorial election and failure to meet the minimum number of registered voters required by state law.

The Arizona Green Party is the third political party to be recognized this year. There are no accounts eligible for votingAnd The veteran front fell short.

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