Bavaria’s premier calls for early election as budget crisis roils German politics

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Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soder called for Germany’s federal election earlier today, saying voters have lost faith in the country’s ruling three-party coalition following a Constitutional Court ruling that plunged Germany into a budget crisis.

“The whole traffic light system [i.e. coalition] It’s not working,” Soder, the conservative leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU), said in an earlier tweet by X. That’s why a fundamental change is needed. Early elections, he added, “will be the right way forward.”

Soder’s call for an early election comes as the government grapples with the political fallout of a major budget crisis. At the beginning of this month The country’s high court ruled that it is against the constitution More importantly, the decision to recycle 60 billion euros left over from the emergency Covid-19 fund for climate projects limits the government’s ability to draw on the various funds created to circumvent the country’s constitutional debt ceiling, which has limited the federal deficit to 0.35 percent of GDP except in emergencies.

As the government struggles to control the implementation of the decision, Finance Minister Christian Lindner, leader of the economically liberal Free Democrats (FDP), signaled last week that he wanted to halt the decision. Debt repayment for 2023 Re-declaring a state of emergency. On Monday, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s cabinet presented and approved the Bundestag’s supplementary budget for 2023.

The crisis has forced the government to freeze new spending and approve next year’s budget.

Germany’s ruling coalition was suffering from historically low approval ratings even before the budget crisis. Soder’s call for early elections shows how the country’s centre-right opposition wants to take advantage of the discord created by the decision.

Söder also criticized Linner, saying he did not believe his FDP was “still in a position to be a long-term stable government partner”.

Amid growing calls to reform the debt ceiling, particularly on the political left, Soder said Monday that he would not support reforming or repealing the rule. German news.

Soder said an early federal election could be held on June 9 to coincide with EU elections.

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