BBC’s Jeremy Bowen admits he ‘got it wrong’ in Gaza hospital report but has ‘no regrets’

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Pressed that the hospital was “flat,” he said, “Yeah, I got that wrong because I’m looking at the pictures and all I see is a square that looks like it’s burning on all sides and there it was.” , type, blank in center. I think it’s a drone footage.

“So, you know, we have to put together what we’re seeing and I thought, ‘It looks like all the construction is gone.’

“I came to that conclusion from looking at the pictures and I was wrong about that, but I’m not particularly upset about that. That was the conclusion I came to.”

Mr Bowen said at times the corporation had to “rely on what people were saying” as well as “the number of videos” being released before deciding what to report.

In the BBC’s first story about the hospital on October 17, reporter John Donison suggested that Israel was behind the bombing. Speaking on BBC News just after 8pm, he said: “Given the scale of this explosion, it’s hard to see what else could have happened other than an Israeli airstrike or multiple airstrikes.”

The original BBC report sparked outrage.

Mr Donison’s comments prompted the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Campaign for Anti-Semitism (CA) to complain to the corporation.

BBC director-general Tim Davey said Complaints to the Corporation’s Executive Complaints Department (ECU) consider them in terms of “correctness and impartiality of editorial standards”.

However, the ECU ruled that Mr Donison had not made a “decided judgement” but accepted that in the absence of so little reliable information, making any suggestion as to responsibility for the incident did not meet the BBC’s strict standards of accuracy. He said.

CAMERA UK associate editor Hadar Sela told the Telegraph: “Anyone who feels that the BBC has learned any lessons from its haste to blame Israel for the explosion at Al Ahli Hospital on October 17 will understand. Statements from Jeremy Bowen that are sadly incorrect.

Bowen’s arrogant statement that he misreported the hospital building as ‘flat’ and that he had ‘no regrets’ and ‘I’m not rushing to judgement’ despite highlighting unsubstantiated claims from third parties is a sad testimony. The standard of BBC journalism in this conflict.”

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