Biden targeting GOP’s Boebert in fresh political attack on Republicans

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DENVER (AP) — President Joe Biden will try to turn Colorado Rep. Lauren Bobert into a Republican opponent on his agenda when he visits her congressional district on Wednesday.

The trip comes as Biden struggles with low approval ratings as he prepares for a 2024 rematch with former President Donald Trump, with Democrats eager for opportunities to score political points against Republicans.

Biden plans to visit CS Wind, the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturing facility in Pueblo. The trip was originally planned for last month, but was delayed as the Democratic president focused on the war between Israel and Hamas.

CS Wind is undertaking a $200 million expansion that is expected to create 850 jobs by 2026 with tax incentives that include hundreds of billions of dollars in financial incentives.

Additionally, a new analysis from the Treasury Department found that clean energy investments have mostly gone to communities with below-average wages and above-average child poverty. The White House said the data shows Biden’s policies are expanding economic opportunity.

Bobert, who has developed a national reputation as a far-right rebel, called the deflation law “a colossal failure that should be repealed.”

She described the bipartisan infrastructure bill of 2021 as “garbage” and “garbage.” According to the White House, the bill provided about $190 million for road and water infrastructure improvements in the Colorado area.

The White House says Biden will talk about his administration’s clean energy push and how “self-proclaimed MAGA Republicans like Rep. Lauren Bobert are threatening those investments, jobs and opportunities.”

Pueblo is one of the anchors of Colorado’s sprawling 3rd Congressional District, which covers more land than Pennsylvania. Bobert She won her seat in 2020 and did not hold it during the 2022 midterms.

She recently faced an embarrassing episode when she was kicked out of the musical “Beetle”, where she was seen throwing a tantrum. She now faces a difficult re-election campaign and a rematch with Democratic candidate Adam Frisch.

Biden arrived in Colorado on Tuesday after attending a memorial service in Atlanta for Rosalyn Carter, former first lady and wife of former President Jimmy Carter. Speaking at a fundraiser in Denver on Tuesday night, Trump and Republicans said they wanted to abandon his administration’s efforts.

“We’re investing in America right now,” Biden said.

Biden has been taking an increasingly confrontational stance toward Republicans in recent weeks.

For example, at a White House event focused on supply chains on Monday, Biden offered a broad critique of Republicans for trying to “undo the progress we’re making.”

“They want to go back to the bad old days when corporations looked around the world to get cheap labor, send the jobs overseas and import the products into the United States,” he said.

Biden also said Republicans want to cut Social Security and Medicare, which are vital to many older Americans.

“They don’t give up,” he said. “But guess what? We will not allow these things to happen.

Biden was scheduled to visit Pueblo on Oct. 16, but the trip was postponed so he could stay in Washington to focus on the Middle East conflict. Two days later, on October 7, he went on a last-minute trip to Israel to show support for the country after it was attacked by Hamas.


Majorian reports from Washington.

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