Biden’s mishandling of documents, his family’s business schemes threaten our national security

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The White House is eager to investigate Joe Biden. Mishandling of classified documents From the time of the vice presidency and to conclude in the Senate.

While special counsel Robert Hurr’s investigation is nearing completion and likely will not involve criminal charges, the House Oversight and Accountability Committee’s investigation is accelerating. This investigation is closed.

The Oversight Committee has received information from the White House and President Biden’s personal attorney that contradicts important details. Documents at the Penn Biden Centerincluding the location and security of classified documents.

Evidence indicates that President Biden has allowed certain family members, particularly his son Hunter Biden, to collect millions of dollars from outside individuals and entities into his family’s and his own bank accounts. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnick)

According to Biden’s team, documents were found at the Penn Biden Center on November 2, 2022. However, according to our investigation, the actual timeline started 18 months ago. President Biden has used significant federal resources, including five White House staffers and a Department of Defense employee, to locate and protect the so-called private materials at the Penn Biden Center.

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On March 18, 2021, a senior White House aide was tasked with going to the Penn Biden Center to pick up an inventory of Biden’s documents and materials. Following this initial stockpile, on May 24, 2022, then-White House Counsel Dana Remus contacted Defense Department employee Cathy Chung in her private email to request the return of Biden’s documents and materials.

Coincidentally, this is the same date as former FBI President Donald Trump’s subpoena return date. Trump documents at Mar-a-Lago. At the Penn Biden Center, we identified five other important findings involving White House aides and Biden’s personal attorneys from June to October 2022.

In a public statement earlier this year, the White House asserted that classified documents were located in a “locked closet” at the Penn Biden Center. However, according to the affidavit, boxes of classified documents are not always kept in a locked closet. This improper storage of classified materials poses a significant risk that individuals without proper credentials may have access to them.

Based on our investigation into the Biden family’s global influence firm, we also have serious concerns that Biden may be in possession of sensitive documents related to certain countries that include the family’s foreign business plans that have brought millions to the Biden family.

Comer, Jordan Subpoenaed Former White House Counsel for Testimony Related to Biden’s Declassified Documents

Evidence indicates that President Biden has allowed certain family members, particularly his son Hunter Biden, to collect millions of dollars from outside individuals and entities into his family’s and his own bank accounts.

The House Oversight Committee obtained financial records showing members of the Biden family, their business associates and related companies. Received significant payments From individuals and companies in China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Romania.

President Biden has repeatedly lied to the American public about his knowledge and involvement in his family’s business dealings. Not only did Joe Biden know about his family’s business dealings, he also took advantage of them financially.

Based on witness testimony, current Vice President Joe Biden spoke on the phone at least 20 times with Hunter Biden’s business partners, dined with foreign oligarchs and Burmese executives, funneled millions to the Bidens, and had coffee with Hunter Biden’s Chinese business partner. Beijing

Joe Biden Received $40,000 in ‘corrupted Chinese money’ from brother in 2017, Comer says

The House Oversight Committee also tracked down bank records that show Joe Biden received them 40,000 dollars from China In the form of a personal check from his brother James Biden and sister-in-law Sarah Biden. According to the White House, this check was a loan from James Biden, but it still shows how Joe Biden’s family used his name to buy it — with money from China.

President Biden’s retention of some classified documents raises the question of why he has these particular materials. Of the many secret documents he had reviewed during his long career, why did he keep these particular documents in his home and office? The confidentiality of the information contained in the documents could answer that question and shed light on how our national security is at stake.

We subpoenaed Special Counsel Hur to allow our committee investigators to review the classified materials, but he refused. But this does not hinder the ongoing investigation.

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Over the past two weeks, I have interviewed and requested interviews with nearly two dozen witnesses, including members of the Biden family, their associates, and current and former White House officials.

President Biden’s mishandling of classified materials and his involvement in his family’s business schemes put our national security at risk. We owe it to the American people to find out if Biden is using these classified documents to enrich his family and put our country at greater risk.

Anyone other than Joe Biden who keeps classified documents in his home, garage, and private office will face criminal charges from the Department of Justice. Actually, when I look FBI Unclassified FD-1023 Form Alleging that Joe Biden engaged in corruption and bribery during his time as Vice President, the FBI has ordered members of the Oversight Committee and staff to investigate in a room designed to review classified materials. We also could not have a copy of the declassified document or extract our notes from the facility.

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But Joe Biden moved classified documents outside the White House, into several office buildings, his residence, allowed his staff to tamper with the documents for months, and could face serious consequences, let alone criminal charges. Anyone questioning the absence of a two-tier criminal justice system need look no further than Joe Biden.

Americans are demanding accountability for President Biden’s apparent corruption and precedent. Covering for the Biden family In the Department of Justice. Following the evidence led by the House Oversight Committee, it will provide the transparency and accountability that the American people want and deserve.

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