Bijan Robinson isn’t worried about touches

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When the Falcons made running back Bijan Robinson the eighth overall pick in the draft, expectations immediately surfaced that he would be used heavily. Sometimes he wasn’t.

On Sunday he was. He generated 123 yards from scrimmage on 19 touches, along with two total touchdowns.

“That’s what you’ve come to expect from me,” Robinson told PFT after Sunday’s Saints win.

People outside expected more. Robinson said he’s aware of the desire from the fantasy-football community to see him do more, but he has no choice but to ignore it.

“I never want to be the guy to talk about touchdowns,” Robinson said. “I know I’m going to get anything that touches me, I just have to make the most of it.”

He made the most of the passes he was able to touch on Sunday. He said the play opened exactly as it was filmed. If Saints linebacker Demario Davis covered Robinson, the plan was for the throw to go to Robinson. Davis did, and the end result was inconsistency and touchiness.

Robinson’s biggest concern wasn’t cleaning the concrete in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium tunnel once he laid it.

“Just don’t fall,” he was thinking. “Just don’t fall. Don’t just give up.

He did not fail. And he had one of the biggest days in the NFL. If they continue to use him this way, he will continue to have big days — and the Falcons will likely win enough to make the playoffs.

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