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Colorado politics published Latest newspaper editor The high cost of Pueblo’s utility bills and indirectly blamed on President Joe Biden and renewable energy. The problem isn’t the cost of renewable energy (or President Biden’s infrastructure and investment policies). The problem is that monopoly utilities like Black Hills, which serves Pueblo and the Arkansas Valley, including the Denver metro area, and Xcel Energy, a structure that serves more than half of Colorado.

The readily available facts are that renewable sources such as wind, solar, and storage are well priced at 4 cents per kilowatt-hour (KWh), but monopolies find endless ways to “patch gold” because they want to drive returns to shareholders. System.

I have observed the process in Colorado public utilities for the past 20 years. Trust me, it’s not pretty. After adding in infinite costs, utilities like Black Hills and Xcel charge 12 cents per kWh for output they can buy at 4 cents per KWh.

For the past 20 years, Xcel’s profits have increased while sales have stagnated. It’s a good business if you can get it – but you can’t because the monopoly that Xcel and Black Hills have is being protected by people who want to curry favor with these powerful entities.

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The problem is not the transition to renewable energy. Utilities like Xcel and Black Hills that don’t have shareholders are often making the transition and adjusting rates or lowering prices.

Colorado should allow competition in investor-owned states, including Excel and Black Hills, but again, powerful entities are maintaining their monopoly status.

Don’t blame the clean-energy transition (or the president) for the problems with the monopolies that Xcel and Black Hills insist on—it hurts everyone who pays monopoly prices to support the big profits in Colorado. The Black Hills are taking away from our region.

Leslie Glustrom


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