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For the past 50 days, Israel has been under repeated attack by the Houthis in Yemen, who have launched ballistic missiles and drones at our cities, towns and ships.

of Huthis They are pure evil.

Their banner proudly proclaimed their motto, “God is great, death to America, death to Israel, to the Jews, victory to Islam.”

The Houthis have committed brutal crimes and human rights abuses during their campaign to invade Yemen, including rape and torture of innocent civilians, women and children.

We cannot be defeated by such fanatics.

Ballistic missiles are seen during a Houthi military parade to mark the anniversary of their takeover in Sana’a, Yemen on September 21, 2023 (Credit: REUTERS/KHALED ABDULLAH)

Therefore, Israel’s political and military leadership must think long term, strategic and outside the box. We must immediately retaliate against the massive ballistic missile attack on the Houthis. This was a strategic move that would change the entire dynamics of the war and the environment for years.

Strength through the strategy

The logic of this strategy is as follows.


Show Strength: We must show the world that Jews are strong. After the terrible sudden attacks October 7And our restrained response, Israel is perceived as weak by its own citizens – the Jewish people – and the world at large.

This scares the people of Israel and the Jews all over the world; And their culture and value system emboldens our enemies who fear strength and thrive on weakness. Ignoring the Houthi attacks on us invites more attacks.

Over the years we have tried the strategy of ignoring attacks on many fronts. Gunshots, rockets are fired from the house. Gaza, Missiles fired from Lebanon; And it always fails. Blowing up the Houthis clearly shows that the Jews are strong, that we are not afraid to continue the attack, that we are not afraid to use long-range missiles and fight wars on multiple fronts, and that we are not afraid to confront Iran. And wherever the proxies are.

Change the narrative: The fact that the Houthis’ flag clearly reads “Death to America, Death to Israel” has gotten no airtime in the United States. If we launch a spectacular missile attack on the Houthis, this will be the talk of the day in the Western media. The discussion around the war is moving away from “Israel-Palestine” which is not good for us, to “the forces of good and the axis of evil”.

This will further strengthen US support for Israel as we engage openly with its proxies who seek to destroy Iran and the West. Americans don’t like people who sing “Death to America.”

Seize the opportunity: There is unprecedented American firepower in the Middle East today, the USS Gerald R.

This is a historic opportunity that will never be repeated. We must use this as an opportunity to attack the Houthis and draw the United States into a military conflict rather than allow the Biden administration to give us a friendly bear and press for an end to the war before we reach our goals.

Of course, the administration was upset at first, but they looked at the approval numbers and reminded them that their involvement would boost the president’s popularity, and that wartime presidents were often reelected.

Win Allies: The Saudis would be very, very happy if we could help them take care of their Houthi problem and see us as real partners. This is a good point to continue the peace talks. Maybe the Houthis could fire a few missiles into Saudi Arabia, and the latter would cooperate with us in destroying the former—a strategic move long overdue.

So, with a large, long-range missile strike, we have the opportunity to change the dynamics of warfare and the entire Middle East for generations.

We should not hesitate to take it.

The writer is an Israeli lawyer, activist and businessman.

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