Boom Supersonic says it will conduct the first test flight of its ultra-speedy ‘baby boom’ prototype aircraft later this year

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  • Colorado’s launch boom is developing a supersonic supersonic jet.
  • The company’s first prototype was the 71-foot-long XB-1, which was nicknamed “Baby Boom.”
  • Boom hopes to make the first XB-1 flight later this year.

Colorado startup Boom Supersonic hopes to revive the ultra-fast Concorde with its March 1.7 Overture passenger jetAnd his prototype is finally getting ready for its first flight.

Nicknamed “Baby Boom,” the company’s XB-1 demonstration aircraft has undergone extensive ground testing since 2020, including evaluating subsystems and upgrading the engine and landing gear.

Recently, the XB-1 performed taxi tests in the Mojave Desert and received an experimental airworthiness certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration – all in 2011. preparation Boom CEO Blake Scholl said the final first flight could take place by the end of the year in late August.

The company doubled that timeline in early November as the prototype continued ground tests and received more approvals from the FAA. Axios He reported.

“It’s making great progress on the first flight, and we expect to fly the XB-1 soon,” Boom confirmed to Business Insider on Tuesday.

According to the manufacturer, the length of 71 feet The Baby Boom has a carbon composite and titanium fuselage and dome wings Designed to enable “safe operation during take-off and landing as well as extremely high speed”.

The engines on Boom's XB-1 supersonic test plane.

The engines on Boom’s XB-1 supersonic test plane.

Boom supersonic

Its optimized aerodynamic shape b Universal business-class OvertureUnited Airlines and American Airlines ordered it. And wait To rob travelers across the Atlantic Ocean in less than four hours by 2030.

However, the supersonic Overture sports a different engine than the three proven General Electric J85 engines that power the XB-1. instead of him In collaboration with the well-known engine manufacturer Overtures It is done at home.

Bom decided to build his own power plant, named Symphony Every major manufacturer refused to help.including Pratt & Whitney, GE, Honeywell, Safran Aircraft Motors, Rolls Royce and CFM International.

The decline has not stopped. Boom supersonic dreamNevertheless, and if successful it could prove a profitable asset.

Henry Harteveldt, a travel analyst and president of the Atmospheric Research Group, told Business Insider last year that selling the symphony would “not only recoup the cost, but probably turn a profit.”

To prepare for it The first XB-1 flightBoom said its test pilots have completed hundreds of hours of flight training in simulators and trainer aircraft.

A pilot sitting in the cockpit of a Boom Supersonic test plane.

A pilot sitting in the cockpit of a Boom Supersonic test plane.

Boom supersonic

The company received approvals to operate the flight at the location of Captain Charles Chuck Yeager. He broke the sound barrier For the first time in history.

When the famous aviator piloted a plane, he surpassed Mach 1. Bell X-1 A rocket-powered airplane over the Mojave Desert in 1947.

“It’s only fitting that the XB-1 goes on its first flight at Mojave Air and Space Port, home to more than 50 first flights and other significant aviation events,” said Boom Chief Test Pilot Bill “Doc” Shoemaker. I look forward to flying the XB-1 based on that.”

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