Bosses are having to teach employees to say ‘hi’ before discussing business, workplace expert says

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  • People are not really Making friends at work No more.
  • The WSJ reports that a negotiation coach won’t greet some employees before coming to work.
  • Young professionals need education on how to send e-mail and communicate with colleagues.

Some employees prefer to skip all the fun and get straight to business when talking to coworkers.

Administrators have been complaining. Lack of soft skills By his subordinates, and author and negotiation coach Moshe Cohen He told the Wall Street Journal. It is what he said. Customers complained that people had to be taught to greet their colleagues before entering the subject.

“The idea of ​​slowing down, taking time, being real, trying to make some kind of connection with the other person is really gone,” Cohen said, according to the WSJ.

And, that relationship breakdown can be both a cause and effect of the loneliness felt. Young professionals in the post-pandemic world. Casual conversations in the office have been replaced by Slack pings and Microsoft Teams notifications, prompting workers to seek social satisfaction elsewhere.

Those personal messages can make workplace interactions feel less transactional, and experts say they’re important to human beings.

“Humans are naturally social creatures, and historically we’ve naturally connected physically in groups and social activities,” Hubert Palan, CEO of product management company Production Board, previously told Business Insider.

But, in the world “Silence Break” Experienced employees are making less effort to show up at work and instead prioritize life outside the office.

Meanwhile, new hires are paying to learn. How to send an email Or continue the office small talk. Some rely on their parents to hide behind. Season Virtual job interviews For support.

Whatever the reason, social interactions in many workplaces reflect a lack of trust, Cohen said, according to the WSJ. Cohen did not immediately respond to BI’s request for comment.

It is not clear whether working in person will solve such social distancing, however Major companies are against it And called the staff to the office.

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