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At a time when America’s divisive political discourse is driving headlines, where sentiment about elected officials and the direction of the country is bleak, it’s hard to find a solution that Democrats, libertarians and Republicans can agree on. However, when looking at “age limits” or “term limits” on federally elected officials, it is clear that these two issues enjoy broad support across the political spectrum.

In the very near future Bullfinch Group National Survey Of 1,200 American adults, respondents were asked, “Do you support or oppose ‘term limits’ for members of Congress and the US Senate, which limit the number of terms an elected official is allowed to serve?” They were asked a question. Some note that more than 8 in 10 adults support term limits (81 percent), but what’s more surprising is the similar support shown by self-identified Democrats, libertarians, and Republicans:

Regardless of how you personally feel about the deadline, you only have to look at Congress’ offensive authorization of jobs, an unlikely (if partial) “fix” with 80 percent support among Democrats, 81 percent among independents, and 82 percent among independents. Republicans are at least the beginning of a workable cause that we as Americans can get behind.

In addition, of the 38 separate questions asked of respondents in the survey, sentiment was more aligned between Republicans and Democrats on only one: the age limit question. Respondents were asked, “Do you support or oppose ‘age limits’ for members of Congress, the United States Senate, and the President of the United States, which serve as age limits for federally elected officials?” When asked. More than three-quarters of adults support age limits (78 percent), with self-identified Democrats and Republicans at 80 percent and 81 percent, respectively.

National surveys that show congressional approval in the dumps, favorability of elected officials, or if most Americans think some elected officials are too old to serve another term effectively, we need to find three-pronged solutions aimed directly at improving the offices and office holders in this country. . Age limits and time limits seem to fit that bill.

… The only problem now: getting our elected officials to agree.

Brett Lloyd is President and CEO. Bullfinch group. This article was originally published by RealClearPolitics and via RealClearWire.

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