Briefings to help COP president advance business interests heighten concerns about summit’s outcome

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Responding a Report COP28 President-elect Sultan Al Jaber, CEO of the United Arab Emirates State Oil and Gas Company, has been briefed on the interests of the businesses he leads ahead of dozens of bilateral meetings. Ann Harrison, Amnesty International’s climate consultant, said about the climate conference:

“Sultan Al Jaber’s insider knowledge of the fossil fuel industry qualifies him to lead a critical climate summit, but it seems like the fox is guarding the hen house. Appointing the CEO of the world’s largest fossil fuel company to lead COP28 is always a conflict of interest, which he says will prevent the meeting from achieving the results we so desperately want.” Capacity is detrimental.

“Amnesty International has repeatedly warned Sultan Al-Jaber can not be a trusted broker in a meeting A rapid and equitable phase-out of fossil fuels must be a priority to avoid further littering the climate and to make a just transition to renewable energy. The stakes are great, our world is warming at an unprecedented rate, many are already suffering, and billions of people’s rights are at risk.

Sultan Al Jaber’s insider knowledge of the fossil fuel industry qualifies him to lead a critical climate conference, but it seems the fox is guarding the hen house.

Ann Harrison, Amnesty International’s climate advisor

“We are facing climate and human rights destruction due to fossil fuels, but since Sultan Al Jaber was appointed COP28 president in January, ADNOC has launched expansion plans that are completely incompatible with protecting the climate and protecting people’s rights. A clean, healthy and sustainable environment.

We call on Sultan Al Jaber to step down from his ADNOC role if he wants to lead a successful conference. Documents suggesting he was briefed to advance trade interests at COP meetings add to our concerns. COP28 is generally booked. by the fossil fuel lobby to pursue its interests that endanger all of humanity.


ADNOC is one of the ten largest oil and gas producers in the world. According to the documents obtained Climate Reporting Center, Sultan Al Jaber has been briefed to advance his interests in ADNOC and Masdar, another state-owned energy company focused on renewables and hydrogen. has been It has already been reported ADNOC staff supported the COP28 organizing team in the United Arab Emirates COP28 communications are reported to be transmitted through ADNOC computer servers.

COP28 runs from November 30 to December 12 and will bring together more than 190 states and other bodies to tackle the climate crisis. Amnesty International published Formal advocacy statement for COP28. Amnesty International Secretary-General Agnes Callamard will attend COP28 from 1 to 6 December as part of an Amnesty International delegation that will attend the event.

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