Business administration graduate is all smiles en route to her goal of providing dental care to the underserved

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Ever since she started looking at colleges, Jasmine Smith has had her sights set on dental school.

has been Georgia College of Dentistry Originally from Lilburn, Georgia, a native of Augusta University, but he was Hull Business College And the many student organizations she’s a part of have given her a chance to find her voice.

Smith graduated from Hull College of Business with an A Bachelor of Business Administration degree, which may not seem like a traditional path to the health care field to some, but she saw a unique opportunity to give back after achieving her goal of becoming a dentist.

“I plan to use the knowledge I gained from my BBA to open a dental clinic. My dream is to create a non-profit clinic to treat underserved and homeless populations,” she said. “Volunteering at Golden Harvest Food Bank’s Master Table Soup Kitchen inspired my vision, and I look forward to partnering with them in the future to achieve this.”

According to Smith, one of the biggest advantages of Hull College is the amount of support it receives from the community. She said her experiences with Augusta commissioners, local entrepreneurs and other business leaders visiting her classroom to share their experiences and insights have exposed her and her classmates to career and networking opportunities.

“Jasmine is one of the most powerful young women I have ever met. I love her courage, her clarity of thought and her tenacity for life. She goes with the norm, and this is the reason for her success. She also has a big heart and integrity which are beautiful qualities that anyone can have.

Stacey Roberts, dba

She is also grateful to the students who have invested in Hull by providing significant funding for student scholarships and activities.

“I’m very grateful to be able to come here for the prelims,” ​​Smith said. “I had wonderful professors who not only challenged me academically, but also wanted me to succeed personally. As nervous and anxious as I am for the next chapter of my life, I don’t think I’ve ever been so prepared anywhere else.

When she arrived at AU, she became involved with the Women’s Leadership Academy, where she learned to speak and communicate. She said the opportunities she encountered gave her the confidence to pursue her degree and pursue a dental career.

During her undergraduate studies, Smith served as president of the African Union. Pre-Dental ClubStudent Ambassador in Former student ambassadors (formerly the Lumine Society), an intern at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry and an intern at Paine College. Smith was awarded nine AU ScholarshipBill Mongo, William T. including Maxwell and Automatic Data Processing Scholarship.

“This is my third year serving as a peer advisor. Women’s Leadership Academy. It is incredibly satisfying to give back to a program that has taught me so much,” Smith said. Melissa FurmanDBA, with her involvement with the academy.

Smiling woman wearing hat and gown
Jasmine Smith

As Smith began exploring the curriculum at Hull, she formed a strong bond with a teacher. Stacey Roberts, the DBA who later became her mentor. It was Roberts who helped Smith “unleash my power from within,” allowing her to realize that she was more influential than she gave herself credit for.

Roberts said what impressed her the most about Smith when they first met was how she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and how willing she was to stand up for what she believed in, as well as being a good student.

“Jasmine is one of the most powerful young women I have ever met. I love her courage, her clarity of thought and her tenacity for life,” said Roberts. “She goes against the grain and that’s what made her successful. She has a big heart and integrity, which are beautiful qualities for anyone to have. I’m really going to miss her when she graduates.”

And the interaction with Roberts gave Smith something she hadn’t experienced before: the color of a female authority figure in a leading role. Roberts never told anyone but herself what she was going to be, and when a person stands up for themselves, they have to express themselves. The confidence Smith gained through those conversations helped her find a voice she never knew existed.

“I’ve taken a total of five classes from Dr. Roberts; with each one, I’ve learned something new. She brings practical and realistic applications to the classroom, and she’s not just reading from a textbook,” Smith said. You don’t look like you’re sitting down.”

“He has some of the best work culture and supervision I’ve ever witnessed with my students,” said Roberts Smith. She attributes her professionalism both in and out of the classroom and a character who is willing to learn, but also needs to be a team player while leading others. In addition, when Roberts took on a leadership role with the Women’s Leadership Academy, she said she went to Smith with questions to answer, who “reverently gave great feedback.”

“Jasmyn is great at asking me questions and getting guidance on things that are important to her. She has great judgment, but she always gets things back from me if she wants to.

As Roberts moves forward in her studies, Smith’s advice is simple: “Never lose heart, stay focused and know that I’m always here for you.”

Smith completed her prerequisites with her eyes set on becoming a dentist. She scored in the 96th percentile on the Dental Admission Test (DT) and will be checking her acceptance into dental school the day after graduation.

Smith knows that entering a field where there aren’t many people like her will be intimidating at first, but she’s excited to represent herself and be the face of her community.

“I’m constantly fascinated by how it contributes to a person’s overall health and quality of life,” Smith says. “It’s very important that people need regular care. The smile patients receive as a result of their dental experience is a reward that no other profession can provide.

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