Business leaders want Wolfe to keep her job

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MILWAUKEE – Wisconsin business leaders, past and present, are hoping Denmark County Judge allows state elections administrator Megan Wolfe to keep her job.

Last week, a group called Wisconsin Business Leaders for Democracy presented their arguments together with the Leadership Now Project. Amicus brief submitted to the court Before Thanksgiving.

What you need to know

  • Last week, Wisconsin business leaders filed a brief with the court arguing that Administrator Megan Wolfe can and should stay in her position.
  • The brief is in response to Dan Co.’s lawsuit by Republican legislative leaders asking the court to order the Wisconsin Elections Commission to appoint a new administrator.
  • Wolfe was first appointed to the commission in 2018 and unanimously confirmed to serve a four-year term in 2019, but has faced criticism following the 2020 election and the spread of misinformation.

The brief is in response to a lawsuit filed by Republican legislative leaders in Dane County asking the court to appoint a new administrator for the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC).

In September, the State Senate They voted to fire Megan WolfeIn the year

However, weeks after the election Lawmakers admitted it was a more “symbolic” step without legal effect.

The business leaders are not party to the lawsuit and have filed a so-called “friend of the court” brief, simply taking the stand and saying Wolfe can stay in her role and share their thoughts with the court.

It’s not the first time the group has spoken out in support of Wolfe. Last August, members He issued a letter of support to the state’s top election official.It has also been shared with legislators.

“That’s why business leaders are concerned because we want to see the Legislature focus on economic development and competing with neighboring states for new jobs and new investments, rather than continuing to judge an election that’s been reviewed up to nineteen times before,” explained Anoop Prakash, chair of the Wisconsin Leadership Now Project.

Prakash is concerned about the instability the change could bring into such a crucial election cycle.

“They’re taking over the CEO of Wisconsin Elections. [Commission] It is clear during the election season and here in 2024, the very crucial election season, not only at the primary level but also at the national level,” Prakash said.

Wisconsin Business Leaders for Democracy started two and a half years ago, the day after the 2020 election.

“Our group’s goal was to get business leaders from across the state to lend their voice to preserve our great democratic history in Wisconsin,” said Tom Florsheim, Jr., chairman and CEO of Wico Group. “Having a stable democracy here is key to creating an environment where businesses can thrive.”

The effort is bipartisan and feels that there have been several attempts by Republican and Democrat leaders concerned with Democratic concerns to limit access to voters who want to enter the Legislature.

“Everybody needs to understand that running an election in a big state like Wisconsin is a complicated process,” Florsheim added. “Here we have a man who ran an election in the wake of the pandemic, who has many challenges of his own, who has done an exemplary job, and who has received recognition from both Republicans and Democrats.”

Meanwhile, a group is pushing for the impeachment of Republican House Speaker Robin Vos Wolfe. Aim at him again.

Not to be confused with the state’s WEC, he formed a group called the Wisconsin Election Committee It recently spent $250,000 on an advertising campaign.As reported by WisPolitics.

This fall, the group spent $100,000 on advertising threatening memos and lobbying for lawmakers who it believes are “protecting” Wolf.

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