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The Dinner Party Project brings people together over a meal.

Welcome to the dinner party project

A welcome sign for the dinner party project. (INSTAGRAM.COM/_THEDINNERPARTYPROJECT_)

The dinner party project It was the result of Dana Marie Rockmore’s desire to find a way to get to know people. In August 2014, Rockmore began hosting eight dinners for friends and family in Orlando.

“Eight, the perfect number for a close meeting,” wrote Rockmore It grew from there.

At first it was not a business idea. Rockmore was looking for a way to connect people and hear their stories. Then, real strangers start showing up and wanting to be a part of it, she said.

“We weren’t built for independence,” Rockmore said. “Getting out and putting yourself out there and sharing a meal with someone that I think is important and being reminded of our bodies.”

Women bump into each other at an outdoor table with candles and a hammer in the background.Women bump into each other at an outdoor table with candles and a hammer in the background.

A dinner party project during an outdoor event. (INSAGRAM.COM/_THEDINERPARTYPROJECT_)

The Dinner Party Project now serves private events, corporate events, retreats and other events nationwide. Rockmore said they had dinner in New York; los angeles; Nashville; Washington, DC; and others. The Dinner Party Project also does custom brunches, holiday gatherings and private receptions.

Sharing food is at the heart of Rockmore events, including those designed to give back and build community. He is hosting a dinner party project with sponsors Titus Vodka and Hi Hello Labs. Free dinner for single mothers For participants selected by friends and family in early December. In March, annual Women lead the Orlando dinner It takes place at Sanford “for meaningful connection and conversation around the dinner table,” according to its website.

Rockmore continues to host eight dinner parties each month..

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