Business, state consortium kicks off BAE Systems’ $200 million ship repair facility upgrade in Jacksonville

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BAE Systems officially broke ground yesterday on the state-of-the-art Pearlson Shiplift and Ground Level Maintenance Complex at the company’s Jacksonville, Florida shipyard. The company first It announced plans to open the $200 million building in December 2022.

“As Chair of the Space Florida Board of Directors, I congratulate BAE Systems on its groundbreaking,” said Lt. Governor Janet Nunez. “This critical investment will facilitate an improved capacity to service the U.S. military fleet and bring high-paying jobs to Florida’s First Coast. I look forward to seeing the impact the Jacksonville Ship Repair Expansion Project will have on our capabilities at sea.”

Attending the groundbreaking were U.S. Rep. Aaron Bean (R-Fla.), Pearlson President and Chief Operating Officer Kelly Pearlson Friend and BAE Systems Platform and Services President Jeremy Tondrell.

“BAE Systems Ship Repair is the economic engine of Florida’s coastal region, and since 1964, has brought great pride to our state by strengthening our role in the national defense, Republic B. “The state-of-the-art ship lifting and ground-level repair facility will be upgraded. Product efficiency, overall reliability and expanding ship capacity to meet China’s growing naval needs. In Congress, I support Jacksonville’s maritime industry base to strengthen our legacy as the most formidable navy in the world for future generations.

The BAE Systems Shipyard Modernization Project includes Pearlson Shiplift Corporation, Foot Engineering and Kiwiit Infrastructure South Company in lead construction roles. Along with Perlson Shiplift, Fought will be responsible for overall facility design, construction management and engineering, and supply of key equipment. Kiwit will serve as the general contractor for the project. When completed in 2025, the new complex will expand the shipyard capacity of BAE Systems by 300 percent. Construction and operation of the maintenance facility is expected to create approximately 1,000 new jobs.

The complex features a new state-of-the-art ship lift system developed by Pearlson Shiplift Corporation. The elevator’s 492-foot by 110-foot platform can easily accommodate a Flight III US Navy guided-missile destroyer or a merchant ship displacing 25,000 tons.

“Perlson’s team worked with BAE Systems personnel on the ground in Jacksonville to deliver a comprehensive and detailed design that met the shipyard’s needs and provided unparalleled capabilities,” Frain said. The new Pearlson delivery system and ground-level facility for BAE Systems

Jacksonville Shipyard, when commissioned, will be the largest and most modern shipping facility in the world in both North and South America.

Once out of the water, the dry-docked vessels are moved from the deck to one of the shipyard’s many maintenance bays by a series of self-propelled modular conveyors and a Perlson-designed cradle system. A ground-level maintenance area in the shipyard provides electrical, sewer and water services for moored vessels, as well as a rainwater catchment. These services allow maintenance work to be carried out simultaneously on multiple vessels without involving the loading dock or other operations on board.

In addition to supporting the Navy’s surface fleet at Naval Station Mayport, BAE Systems expects to expand its offerings in the commercial ship maintenance market. The Port of Jacksonville is the 14th largest container port in the United States. A number of work boats (eg ferries, ferries, etc.) and commercial vessels operate or pass through the harbor.

“The ship project is a major investment by BAE Systems at the Port of Jacksonville, and we look forward to building this new complex to expand our shipyard’s capabilities to meet commercial and government ship repair needs,” said Tondrell. “We also appreciate the support and contributions of state and local leaders and our partners who have helped make this a reality.”

About BAE Systems Ship Maintenance:
BAE Systems is a leading provider of ship repair, maintenance, modernization, conversion and maintenance services to the Navy, other government agencies and select commercial customers. The company operates three full-service fleets in California, Florida and Virginia. Located two miles from the Atlantic Ocean on the St. Johns River, BAE Systems’ Jacksonville shipyard specializes in the construction and maintenance of cruise ships, yachts, personal superyachts, research and government vessels, yachts and yachts, and the US Coast Guard. . Navy ships.

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