BuyLocalGrowLocal: Boosting green and local businesses

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Sandra Stubing works on her website on Nov. 21 at her home in Albany. The website focuses on local businesses that emphasize sustainability.

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ALBANY – Three years after its launch, the Buy-BuyLocal website/directory of green, socially conscious and local businesses is going strong.

But not everyone knows yet.

“I’m trying to make this a big push. “Unless people use it, it’s not going to be useful to the community,” said Sandra Stubing, who helped launch the site. And now it is the main force behind it.


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Steubig, a longtime environmental activist from PAUSE, or Albany United for Safe Energy People, said the station was launched to boost local businesses, especially in light of the pandemic’s shutdown of many small local operations, saving big box stores.

“The other members of PAUSE and I were throwing around ideas of what we could do in 2020 because there was covid and we couldn’t do our road work.” Stubbing said.

Since then, the site has been redesigned thanks to another volunteer, Barbara Spink, who builds websites for environmental organizations.

Steubing said she is always looking for a business to add to the list.


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Requirements are fairly liberal: businesses that follow green policies, or local food producers or preschools located on site, which include local food production or are organized by businesses that take affirmative action.

Greene, for example, a locally owned furniture and home goods retailer, has installed solar panels on its roof, and Miller Corners Garage takes used oil from oil changes and uses it to fuel its own heating system. Both are in Albany.

Finn – Your Fishmonger in Guilderland offers fresh food, including sustainably caught fish. Honest Weight Food Co. is also on the list.

Kolar City Mushrooms in Troy offers just that, with locally grown gourmet mushrooms and Eco Kids, also in Troy, a daycare center that strives to nurture children with the concept of sustainability, including banning single-use plastics.


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There are great cleaners out there with environmentally friendly cleaning techniques and products.

She also has a list of cleaning and window cleaning services that use green materials.

How does Stibing get new entries for her ever-changing website?

That involved a lot of search engine use, she says, as well as contacting several environmental groups in the Capital Region for ideas.


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In Saratoga Springs, for example, she found a list of environmentally sensitive restaurants from the organization Sustainable Saratoga.

One category Steubing is looking to fill: electricians or plumbers who bring a greener feel to their jobs. “We want to support these businesses,” she said.

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