Carrot Top props up Luxor with contract extension

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Carrot top It creates a feeling Mick Jagger Each night in the Luxor fair. The prop comic does some moves, like Jagger, between a microphone and an oxygen mask during “Get Me Started.”

The song ends with the sound of a car engine. Then the comic goes down to the stage.

The crowd screams. But Jagger is not cooling down. Nor is the Vegas headliner, whose legal name is Scott Thompson.

The enduring prop comic was The show is extending its impressive run at the Luxor Atrium until 2030. Scott Thompson He will be 65 years old. The deal, signed in 2019, is an extension of Thompson’s contract that runs the show until 2025.

At the end of the period, he will headline Luxor for 25 years. It was now at the MGM Grand Hollywood Theater. David Copperfield Theater, for many years, until he said, “David Copperfield made me disappear.”

An old joke, but no slight or reference is too old for Carrot Top, sometimes sneaking into the consciousness of Johnny Carson or Casey Kasem, who counts George Carlin as an influence.

“The funny thing is, I was talking on the street today, I don’t feel any different. I still feel young. I still feel energized,” Thompson said following Wednesday night’s show. “I mean, I’m sure there’s going to be a night where you’re like, ‘Uh-oh, I didn’t move very well…’”

Wednesday was not that night. It was the 18th anniversary of Carrot Top in Luxor. It was cake (carrots of course) and rock ‘n’ roll. Sebastian Bach “18 and Life,” one of Skid Row’s seminal hits, was discovered unheralded and met with overwhelming response.

This was after the topper assistant Jeff Molitztook the stage in a Bach outfit to do his own run on the song.

When Bach took the stage, the comedian stepped back, bowing happily and pointing like a child. As he later said, “I still enjoy being on stage.

Thompson added a closing tribute to Gallagher’s show, which was introduced after the comedian’s death in November 2022. Not to give it away, but the backstory is sweet and the closing mine is brand name.

The comic features new props at each show, but is taking a more direct stance than when it opened at the Luxor in November 2005. Delving into his personal history, Father Larry is sharing family stories that trained NASA astronauts on Gemini. and the Apollo missions; and his brother, GarrettHe is a former Air Force “Top Gun” pilot.

The comic calls his brother “Garrett Top” and himself is called “Cotton Top” in his senior year, picking up his niece’s line years ago.

It also shows a clip of Thomson being defeated by his fellow comic Bob Zani In “Star Search” in the early 90s. The comics’ collective confusion at reading Ed McMahon’s score (“Bob Zanni, you’ve got four and three-quarter stars!”) is priceless.

“Everyone from my friends to my brother to my family members wouldn’t change a thing,” Thompson said. I finally started talking about my life, my family and my work. They love it. It’s very exciting.”

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