Catherine Hardwicke reveals dream casting for potential Twilight reboot

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In a recent revelation during the Watch-a-long podcast, acclaimed director Kathryn Hardwicki teased the excitement between them. Dusk Fans shared her thoughts on the actors who could be in the lead roles if the popular vampire series were to be rebooted today.

Hardwicki expressed her excitement for Jenna Ortega and Jacob Elordi taking on the roles of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Regarding Elord, “I mean, he’s amazing. He’d probably be Edward today.”

The director didn’t stop there, praising the talent of young actors in today’s industry, especially highlighting Ortega’s impressive skills. However, she also revealed a recent date with model Louis Tan, who revealed his struggle to secure the role of Jacob Black previously portrayed by Taylor Lautner.

“If they got the part, it would change anyone’s life,” Hardwick said, acknowledging the impact such a pivotal role had on his career.

Reflecting on the filming process for the original film, Hardwicki sheds light on his initial doubts about Robert Pattinson’s suitability for the role of Edward Cullen. She recalled Pattinson sporting black bangs and looking out of shape from frequent pub visits.

However, despite initial reservations, Hardwicke’s faith in Pattinson’s potential convinced him otherwise. She emphasized, “I thought it would work not only physically, but on the screen.” I had to be sure.”

The director spoke of her persistence in showing the studio Pattinson’s potential through voice tapes and proofs, saying, “You see her cheeks? We’re changing the hair and everything and it starts working and it becomes him.” Beautiful.”

Pattinson’s portrayal of Edward Cullen cemented the success of the Twilight saga, validating Hardwicke’s instincts and confirming the studio’s decision despite initial doubts.

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