Chicago Black-owned small business says there’s room for Cyber Monday, despite past trends

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CHICAGO (CBS) — Early reports are showing Cyber ​​Monday breaking records.

Businesses big and small are offering great deals, including a black-owned beauty supply store in Hyde Park.

CBS 2’s Sharda Gray tells us how Small Business Saturday arrived and the record-breaking numbers for online shopping in the Midwest.

Leslie Roberson stays busy even on her days off. She just opened up. Black beauty collection In April.

This is Roberson’s first retail store. You see, she comes from the corporate world.

Leslie Roberson/Black Beauty Collection

“I’ve spent most of my career in talent acquisition and different teams, so a lot of the principals that I’ve deployed in corporate, I’m deploying in the beauty industry,” Robertson said.

Roberson says she’s encouraging black women entrepreneurs, especially local beauty brands.

“Most of the brands featured here are based in Chicago,” Robertson said.

With this being Roberson’s first Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber ​​Monday, she has high hopes for the coming years.

“It’s going well, so far so good. I have no complaints, which is always a good thing and the traffic has been steady,” Robertson said.

In fact, the Illinois Retail Merchants Association Store traffic was up about 4% and for small businesses in the Midwest 3%.

“It’s up 3% from last year for brick-and-mortar stores. Online sales are up, too. In fact, they set a record so far, not including today’s Cyber ​​Monday. They’re up 7.5% from last year at $9.8 billion,” said IRMA President and CEO. Rob Carr said.

A big change this year: the number of people using their phones to shop.

“54 percent of our online sales over the weekend were on our mobile devices, which tells you how far our mobile devices have come since they were first introduced in 2007,” Carr said.

Carr and Roberson say that while Cyber ​​Monday and Small Business Saturday collided, both are important these days.

“Some customers will come in and say, oh, I like this, and maybe they’ll see something else on Cyber ​​Monday that they like as well. I think there’s a place for all of that,” Robertson said.

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