Colman Domingo denies ‘Euphoria’ set turmoil: ‘A lot of young actors may not be up for the task’

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Since its launch in 2019, Euphoria It has become one of the most Dramatic Dramas to hit television for a long time, on screen and – if rumors are true – off screen as well.

In a new interview with The independent supporting His star turned in the Netflix biopic. RustinSeries recurring guest star Coleman Domingo He avoids violence on set by saying that young actors “may not be up to the task” of working on a TV show.

In February 2022 The daily beast He posted a report on the “messy behind-the-scenes drama.” Euphoria As Season 2 of the HBO show begins, weekdays allegedly stretch to “15 to 17 hours.”

Coleman Domingo in ‘Euphoria’.
Eddie Chen/HBO

“I will not destroy it. [anyone’s] Experience,” Domingo when asked about the atmosphere of the show, “but working in television is long hours. Sometimes they work up to 14 hours a day. And then you have to go home and prepare. You really have to live and work in a very methodical way. Many young actors may not be ready for this task or have a similar work ethic.

“I’ve been in this business for 32 years,” he continued. “I know what hard work is. So when I hear those ‘reports’ I think, “Where is this coming from? That’s a typical workday. Be a professional.

Background actors They asked. Once enough complaints were submitted to SAG-AFTRA, a union representative visited the set. Meanwhile, HBO has issued a statement The daily beast “The product fully complied with all safety guidelines and team protocols.”

Domingo also defended the show’s creator. Sam LevinsonWho is accused of developing a toxic atmosphere on the sets Euphoria And his other buzzy, but Canceled.HBO Drama, Idol.

“No one is harassing you on set. Euphoria” said Domingo. “Sam Levinson is cheerful and cooperative and couldn’t be a bigger advocate for the cast.”

Domingo won an Emmy in 2022 Euphoria As Ali Muhammad Mina, sponsor and mentor to the main character Ru, portrayed by the Emmy winner Zendaya.

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