David Tepper is the problem with the Panthers

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There is no test to own it. There is no test. There is no personality assessment. There is no assessment of whether the person is a good owner.

There is only one reason: Can you bring the money?

It’s a basic reality for every fan base. They are attached to the owner, and in many cases the owner is simply the person who brought the money – or a family member of that person.

Few owners spend their life in football. Few owners know what they are doing when it comes to football decisions. Many owners who have made billions in another line of work believe they are good enough, smart enough, and will work hard enough to make the magic happen again.

David Tepper is the current NFL owner who has the most of the property and refuses to admit it. He made billions in cash games. He thinks those skills will help him win more football games. They don’t, they don’t.

He is very involved. He’s trying too hard. He cares a lot. He is very emotional. He is very impatient. And Panthers fans are the ones who have to deal with it.

Maybe he will learn. Maybe it will grow. Maybe he could mature as an owner. Maybe hire a trainer and get out of the way. He probably won’t put a thumb on the scale when it comes to selecting a quarterback. Maybe he (like all fans) will be a respectable fan who rolls with the punches and (unlike other fans) counts his money.

All Panthers fans can hope for is that he understands. Tepper went to Carnegie Mellon, so we know he’s talented. (So ​​did I. So there’s that.) But he’s not emotionally intelligent. He is not a public figure. His presence, his behavior, his words, his reactions increase stress and anxiety at the workplace.

And he doesn’t know or care.

Maybe it’s too late to change. If so, Panthers fans will have to wait a long, long time for things to improve.

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