David Tepper might have made a Freudian slip on Tuesday

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Earlier today I posted an item from Panthers owner David Tepper’s Tuesday press conference regarding the firing of coach Frank Reich. In my efforts to correct the words, I missed something.

He did not make a high-level source with another group.

Here’s the main part about Tepper’s involvement in decision-making: “I have the final idea. But as far as those decisions go, whether it’s Frank Reich or Bryce Young, those decisions have been made, and in Bryce’s case it was — I believe it was a decision, and the coaches and scouts had a very strong opinion at the time.”

According to the source, this passage may be a Freudian slip: “I believe it was almost a unanimous decision in the case of Bryce.”

Tepper began to say that it was almost all a decision before correcting himself.

The broad point came together after everyone knew what Taper wanted. Why does he stand out as the only dissenting voice?

If it’s from a taper slide, someone did. At least at first.

“It was almost – I believe it was a decision.”

I believe it’s a mess in Carolina right now, and the fans can’t do anything about it. Ownership has its own rights. And the biggest chance is that whatever the owner says goes.

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