DeAPlaneta Entertainment takes rights to Cocktail Media, CJ ENM’s Bugsbot series

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Bugsbot Ignition shortform spin-off Bugsbot G

Spain’s Deaplaneta Entertainment has acquired the distribution rights for South Korean company CJ ENM’s animated children’s series Bugsbot Ignition and its short-form spin-off Bugsbot G .

Produced by Cocktail Media and CJ ENM, the 26×22′ series is being distributed in South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia, and will begin distribution outside of Asia in 2024.

Aimed at 6-9s, Bugsbot Ignition combines 2D and 3D animation to depict a virtual world where humans and insect-shaped robots live in harmony until an unknown virus spreads through Bugsbot’s world.

DeaPlaneta Entertainment manages the series’ licensing, media and digital rights outside of Asia.

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