‘Definitely community over competition’: Small Business Saturday at Local Collective’s Holiday Modern Market

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  • The video shows the consumers of the modern market during the holiday
  • Small business owner Alexis Jansen talks about what makes her unique as a new business owner different from this type of phenomenon.

Broadcast Transcript:

It’s one of many events for Small Business Saturday… I’m here at the Holiday Modern Market in downtown DC… Shoppers are supporting local businesses with over 80 small businesses.

It’s an event organized by a local collective that prides itself on bringing other small businesses together.

And the second time they’re at the holiday market… Alexis Jansen is a part of it for the first time. She is the owner of Black Trash Boutique, which she launched in May.

“Nothing beats talking to people face-to-face and just being able to share my story and tell them what it’s all about, because online is one thing, but being able to talk to people and show them what I’ve got and explain it to them is what I’m doing and they’re very supportive.” it’s good.”

As Alexis put it, this incident…

“Truly community over competition.”

And she hopes to return next year.

The Holiday Modern Market is only this weekend, so if you missed it on Small Business Saturday, you can still visit tomorrow from 10am – 4pm. At the DC Center, I’m Jill Lamkins now for 3 News.

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