Department of Labor issues citations to White Lake business after deadly propane explosion

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WHITE LAKE, NC (WECT) – The N.C. Department of Labor is investigating Clearwater Enterprises Inc. after an investigation that began in May. DBA Camp Clearwater quotes After a worker died in a propane explosion.

According to documents provided by the Department of Labor, Clearwater Enterprises Inc. Mentioned for the following.

  • Clearwater Enterprises Inc. It was alleged that the working conditions and workplace were free from known hazards that could lead to death or serious injury and workers were exposed to fire and explosion hazards in the LPG dispensary.
  • The persons carrying out the installation, removal, operation and maintenance activities were not properly trained in the operation of the LPG dispenser.
  • Unused openings are not effectively closed by box race lines, auxiliary ducts, cabinets, equipment cases or housings to provide protection equivalent to the protection on the equipment wall behind the LPG dispensing station and the right side breaker panel on the north privacy fence. Where the electrical transmission is made separate from the utility panel, exposing the sealed power conductors to damage.

The company was charged with five violations of the North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Act and fined $12,937.50.

“The fines are in no way designed to compensate for the loss of life. By law, civil fines collected by the N.C. Department of Labor are not department receipts but must be sent to the Civil Penalty and Indemnity Fund, which then distributes the money to the public school system,” the Department of Labor wrote in a press release.

Clearwater Enterprises Inc. He has 15 business days after receiving the citations to request an informal conference with the Department of Labor, file a notice of contest with the North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, or pay the fine.

The citations provided by the Department of Labor are available in full here:

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