DeSantis and Newsom health care policies could be front and center in their debate

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Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis and Democratic governor Gavin Newsom – political rivals from opposite coasts and proxies for red and blue America – are set to hold the first debate of its kind in Georgia on November 30.

Newsom was a liberal firebrand in his second term as governor of California. He won’t run for president in 2024. But DeSantis let him go mano a mano in his second term as Florida governor. “I’ll get my hair gel. You bring hair spray,” he teased On social media.

The match promises to be a heated showdown between two of the country’s most populous and political stars who lead different states. And it is the first time the politicians have met in person as they have traded barbs and insults in public and fought each other in recent weeks. Fundraising videos And campaign ads.

Front and center will be homelessness and health care, the top priorities for voters — and the issues that have largely defined governors’ policies and leadership styles. From abortion to Covid-19 vaccines, Newsom and DeSantis couldn’t be more different.

Earlier this year, DeSantis expanded California’s most generous public benefits like Medicaid to all eligible residents of the Golden State, regardless of immigration status. That screening policy goes into effect in January and goes beyond the expansion of the Medicaid option that the Affordable Care Act outlines. In Florida, One of the 10 states Refusing to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, DeSantis wears the state’s 11% rate Uninsured residents as a badge of honor.

“We’re not going to be like California and have a lot of people living in government programs without work requirements,” DeSantis said. In the presidential primary debate Earlier this year in Southern California.

DeSantis led the state. Limiting abortion and suspending gender-affirming care and covid-related mask and vaccination mandates.

Newsom, a bold and courageous replacement for Democratic President Joe Biden, blasted DeSantis for endangering Floridians and stripping them of their rights.

“Join us in California where we still believe in freedom,” Newsom said. In political advertising earlier this year.

Newsom has earned the moniker of “health care administrator” by making the issue one of his policy priorities. It has made California an abortion hotbed and is dramatically expanding health care benefits. He promised to bring it. Single payer health care When he campaigned for his first term, he moved to the country’s most populous state, but that idea faced strong political opposition early in his tenure. And now Newsom boasts of bringing the state’s insurance rate to one All time low 6.5% By expanding coverage in other ways.

Those issues are expected to take center stage during the 90-minute nationally televised debate on Fox News, which could have major implications for next year’s presidential race and help shape the field of 2028 White House contenders.

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Ahead of the event, KFF Health News analyzed 10 governors’ top health care positions and how their policies have improved — or hindered — the health of the residents they represent.

This article was prepared by KFF health newsFormerly known as Kaiser Health News (KHN), it is a national news division that produces in-depth journalism on health issues and is one of its core operating programs. KFF – An independent source for health policy research, polling and journalism. KFF is the publisher of Health News. California Health Linean editorially independent service California Health Care Foundation.

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