Do Americans Still Trust the Science?

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A Pew Research Center report released on November 14 found that trust in science and its positive impact has plummeted among Americans.

More than half (57%) of Americans believe the impact of science on society is positive, a drop of eight percentage points from 2021. A small percentage (8%) of respondents say the impact of science is mostly negative.

About three-quarters (74%) of Americans have to protect the public interestA large or fair amount of trust in scientists. But that’s down 14 percent since the outbreak began.

The report found that as trust declined, distrust increased. More than a quarter (27%) of Americans say they have “very” or “distrust” in the ability of scientists to work in the public interest.

Still, a majority of Americans (78%) say the government’s investment in scientific research is worthwhile. Additionally, 52% of Americans believe the country should be a world leader in scientific innovation.

The center’s survey of 8,842 US adults between September 25 and October 2018 found that 1, 2023, despite a recent decline in ratings, scientists and medical scientists continue to be highly ranked compared to popular groups in society, writes Brian Kennedy, senior researcher and co-director Alec Tyson. “Small American stocks express the faith of business leaders, religious leaders, journalists and elected officials to protect the public interest.” According to scientists, most of these groups have seen their ratings decline in recent years.

Click the link to read the full report over here. For the study method, click over here.

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