Elon Musk toured the site of Hamas’ October 7 terror attacks on Israel, after being accused of antisemitism

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  • Elon Musk began his visit to Israel on Monday by visiting Kibbutz Kfarza with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • Kfar Azza was targeted by Hamas on October 7 and more than 100 civilians were killed.
  • Musk will discuss anti-Semitism at X with Israel’s president during his visit.

Elon Musk visited the area of ​​Israel It comes weeks after the billionaire businessman was targeted by Hamas in a terror attack last month. He was accused of anti-Semitism.

Video released by the Israeli prime minister’s office shows Musk being led around Kibbutz Kfar Aza by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in protective gear early Monday morning.

Hamas militants infiltrated the village three miles east of Gaza on October 7 and killed more than 100 civilians. This is part of a series of attacks that have killed nearly 1,200 people in total.

The attack sparked a reprisal attack in Israel that Palestinian officials say has killed more than 14,500 people.

A video released by Netanyahu’s office shows Musk surveying the devastation in Kfar Azza, including dozens of burned houses, as he receives a briefing from an Israel Defense Forces spokesman and another official.

Musk, Netanyahu and officials visited the home of Ofir Liebstein, the former head of the regional council, Netanyahu’s office said in a press release.

Liebstein was killed fighting Hamas terrorists in a kibbutz, he said. The Age of Israel.

Mukh and Netanyahu also went to the site where 4-year-old Avigail Idan was kidnapped and taken in front of her parents on October 7. Idan was held hostage but was released on Sunday.

Musk previously met with Netanyahu in California in September, the couple They discussed. Anti-Semitism on X, Musk’s social media platform, formerly known as Twitter.

The billionaire is also prepared. Meet with Israeli President Isaac Herzog. Mook and Herzog discuss anti-Semitism at X for Business Insider with the Office of the President.

Earlier this month, Musk referred to an anti-Semitic post on X as “the real truth.” Return. of The White House condemned it. As “disgusting promotion of anti-Semitic and racist hatred.”

Herzog’s office said: “During the meeting, the president will emphasize the importance of combating rising anti-Semitism online.”

Musk angered Israeli officials last month when he announced plans to provide Starlink internet service to Palestinians in Gaza.

Mook later spoke to Ronen Barr, head of Netanyahu’s office and Shin Bet, and made it clear he was “in no rush” to activate satellite communications in Gaza. According to N12.

After going to Kfar Aza on Monday, Musk Posted on X: “Actions speak louder than words.”

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