Emmanuel Macron’s plan: No-smoking areas to become ‘norm’ in France

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The French government announced on Tuesday that it would ban smoking on all of the country’s beaches, public parks and forests and schools.

French Minister of Health and Defense Aurelien Rousseau (REUTERS)

Health Minister Aurelien Russo told reporters in a statement about the government’s anti-smoking program that from now on, smoke-free places will be the norm.

There were previously 7,200 tobacco-free areas in France, but most were allocated by local authorities, not the central government.

Rousseau said, “Now we are changing the responsibilities and expanding the guidelines.”

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Taxes on cigarettes will rise, Rousseau said, from the current 11 euros ($12) per pack of 20, to 12 euros in 2025 and 13 euros the following year.

The government was planning to ban single-use e-cigarettes called “puffs,” which are particularly popular among young people, he said.

Russo said the government aims to create the first tobacco-free generation by 2032, as promised by President Emmanuel Macron.

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