Endowed Gift Creates Lasting Legacy for Dairy Science

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Four graduate students made life legacies and careers this fall. Tina Trung, Kai Ou-Wing, Yufeng Lin and Tyler Jarrard are the first recipients of the William E. Younts Jr. Dairy Science Graduate Grant, which will benefit graduate students pursuing their master’s degree with a concentration in dairy processing and/or dairy food production. Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutritional Sciences. In the process, they are fulfilling the award’s name and the legacy of their son, Bud Younts, who made the gift possible.

“My father dedicated his professional life to the dairy industry, and he fought long and hard for dairy farmers to have access to wage farming in North Carolina,” Younts said. “This gift is to honor my father and to continue the support of the young family in the dairy industry.”

Dedicated to the dairy industry

William E. Younts Jr. was one of the first graduates of NC State’s dairy program in 1948. After serving as an officer in the U.S. Army during World War II, the Greensboro native began a career in the dairy industry and became an officer. North Carolina Dairy Association. Governor Robert Scott He was appointed to the North Carolina Dairy Commission in 1972 and served for over 10 years.

“Governor Scott was honored to have him on the Dairy Commission and was very proud of his service there,” Bud Younts says.

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In addition to his work and service in the industry, William Younts was a fan of NC State. Dairy products you have collected over the years b Randleleigh Dairy Heritage Museum on Lake Wheeler Road. Visitors can now see it on display as they learn about the state’s history in the dairy industry and stroll through a farm where more than 300 cows work.

A lasting gift

Four generations of the Young family attended NC State, including William’s brother-in-law, Robert T. Cotham, William, his cohorts, and his niece and nephew. Bud Younts graduated from a chemical engineering program in 1979 and is now the owner of a successful high-tech textile fiber company. DI 2 technologies. He is giving back to the university that has led so much of his family down the path to success.

“The dairy industry was important to my father and this is how I want to honor his memory,” says Younts. “I know my mom would be proud of it and I have a feeling he would be too. I am happy that we are contributing to the work of the dairy graduates by supporting them and strengthening the industry.

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