Entertainment critic Derek Sante checks out Leo, Ferrari, Good Burgers 2

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A new animated fairy tale is coming to Netflix from none other than Adam Sandler and it’s called Leo. Following a school room lizard in its daily routine seems boring until the children learn that this lizard can talk and understand the problems it faces. Cute and good for little kids, b.

Next, we look a little further into the Ferrari movie. Starring Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz and Patrick Dempsey. While in town for the F1 race last weekend, Derek discussed this new film with Patrick.

Finally, 2 decades later and your order is finally ready for Good Burgers 2. A swipe at Paramount Plus offers a duo of flipping burgers that you love. Time has passed for some, but Ed and Dexter’s whimsical zaniness never fades. Nickelodeon’s Taste and Show makes a strong comeback with a film that’s all equal parts nostalgia and nostalgia. Part B –

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