Flagship Pioneering establishes base in London, in Europe-first win for UK life sciences

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  • Flagship pioneer of the successful life sciences firm Modaria, has chosen the UK for the first time outside of the US.
  • The announcement opens up new opportunities for life science start-ups and investments in the UK, complementing the UK Government’s plans to encourage innovation in science and technology and grow the UK’s investment ecosystem.
  • A new memorandum of understanding between Flagship and the government will strengthen the UK’s commitment to the sector and set out how the two can work together on clinical trials, UK manufacturing facilities and more.

Leading life sciences bioplatform company Flagship Pioneer has today (Tuesday 28 November) announced that it will be home to the UK for the first time outside the US, paving the way for new scientific start-ups, discoveries and investments in the UK.

Flagship takes a unique approach to investment – its own scientists explore ideas invented in the laboratory to improve human health, and the most promising projects grow into companies. In the year Since its inception in 2000, Flagship has founded more than 100 scientific ventures valued at more than $90 billion, including the most notable, Moderna, which developed a breakthrough mRNA vaccine for Covid-19. To date, the company has invested more than $3.4 billion in the founding and growth of pioneering life sciences companies, leveraging $26 billion in investment from other sources.

The selection of Flagship Pioneer UK as Europe’s first is another vote of confidence in the UK’s £94 billion life sciences sector and further evidence that the UK is one of the world’s leading investment destinations, with 1 in 3 biotech start-ups in Europe founded in the UK over the past decade. By basing itself here, the UK will become the latest flagship destination for startups and startups – leading to economic growth and new scientific discoveries that improve lives, as well as the 280,000 highly skilled jobs the sector supports nationally.

The government reinforces this commitment by signing a memorandum of understanding with the company. This will enable them to work hand-in-hand with the life sciences community and the UK’s key science resources and stakeholders to, for example, identify new innovation opportunities and find locations in the UK to host manufacturing sites for flagship life sciences companies.

The UK’s life sciences prowess was on full display at this week’s Global Investment Summit, which highlighted how – as home to some of the world’s best minds, most innovative innovations and iconic companies – the UK is one of the most dynamic and ambitious. Investment destinations, anywhere in the world. The Science and Tech Secretary has used key technologies being pioneered in the UK such as drones and improving the regulatory environment to make them more attractive to investors, as well as plans to bring in new partners to create the UK’s £100 million Investor Partnership Programme. .

According to the Minister of Science, Innovation and Technology, Michelle Donelan

“From Brunel’s engineering revolution in the 19th century to breakthroughs in genetic medicine in the 21st, British ideas have changed the world through their willingness to ask big questions and do things differently. But to succeed, our innovators and risk-takers need support.

“Flag Pioneer choosing the UK as their European home is another vote of confidence in the UK’s mission to put real financial power behind world-leading science. Backing the brightest ideas with serious capital can help deliver improved health care, new medical treatments and high-skill jobs.

Tom Kibasi, senior vice president and head of Flagship’s UK office;

“We are excited about the opportunity to bring together the UK’s world-leading science with Flagship to conceive, create and grow innovative scientific ventures into globally successful companies.

“We look forward to connecting more than 40 flagship companies to the UK’s thriving life sciences ecosystem and forging new partnerships and collaborations that will bring patients faster access to treatments.”

The Memorandum of Understanding between Flagship and the Government sets out five ways in which the two will work closely together to increase the UK’s ability to turn bright new ideas into thriving life sciences businesses. This includes:

  • Working together on UK-based clinical trials and clinical delivery
  • Looking at potential locations in the UK to host manufacturing sites for flagship life sciences companies
  • Involvement with leading UK genomics organizations such as Genomics England, NIHR Bioresource and UKBiobank
  • Early feeding into the UK’s horizon scanning processes aimed at identifying opportunities for innovation

Flag earlier this month showed their commitment to the United Kingdom 50 million dollars launch Quotient Therapeutics, for the first time, their company worked together in the United States and the United Kingdom. The company is working on somatic genomics, the study of genetic variation at the cellular level, to find proven therapeutics through new connections between genes and disease.

Science, Research and Innovation Minister Andrew Griffiths said:

“This Government is committed to unlocking capital to support life science breakthroughs that help us all live longer, healthier lives, and to help this £94 billion industry continue to grow the economy and support highly skilled jobs across the UK.

Our work with Flagship Pioneering will be critical to that mission, ensuring the UK remains a science superpower by ensuring the support it needs to build world-class UK research large-scale industries.

Lord Johnson, Minister for Investment at the Department of Business and Trade, said:

“This is a strong public sign of Flagship’s continued confidence in the UK’s life sciences, our health and research ecosystem and the UK as a destination for investment. Flagship’s extensive expertise will help to further develop our vibrant UK sector.”

“The Department of Business and Commerce will continue to support Transatlantic to realize the full benefits that this world-class life sciences hub can bring, starting with the development of their flagship and portfolio companies.”

The UK is undeniably a life sciences powerhouse. It is home to 1 in 3 biotech start-ups founded in Europe in the last decade, attracted one third of the venture capital financing raised by European life science companies in 2022, and has 4 of the top 10 life sciences universities. Science and medicine. The government is supporting this vital sector with £520 million for life science manufacturing, a £650 million ‘Life Sci for Growth’ package and £20 million to accelerate new treatments for mental illness. O’Shaughnessy Review of commercial clinical trials in the UK.

One of the main aims is to unlock greater private funding for UK R&D. UK Science and Technology Framework.

For this, in July DSIT started its operations. Research Venture Catalyst To open up new avenues of funding that allow our brightest minds to take more risks and pursue new ways of doing things that cannot be supported in traditional ways.

There have been significant recent successes in attracting private investment in the UK life sciences sector, such as historic partnerships with BioEntech In cancer treatment and ModernIt looks at building a new innovation and technology hub.

In addition to attracting internal investments from private sources, the government is concerned about spending its own funds to develop the sector. Over the past few months we have announced more than £650 million in measures to support investment, growth and innovation in the UK life sciences, including £121 million to speed up progress towards clinical recommendations through the O’Shengsey Review. Experiments, and we continue to invest heavily in R&D at record levels. This Government has committed to investing £20 billion in R&D by 2024-2025.

Flagship Today’s announcement paves the way for this new company to make the same impact in developing the UK’s life sciences ecosystem as it did in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The UK Government has agreed a new voluntary scheme with the UK pharmaceutical industry for the price, access and development of branded medicines. The landmark deal will improve access to the best treatments for NHS patients, support the financial sustainability of the health service and boost the UK’s life sciences sector.

The new plan will support significant industry investment in UK clinical trials, manufacturing and health technology assessments, strengthening the UK’s global competitiveness.

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