From Nvidia to Meta, these 9 companies are hiring the most generative AI talent

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  • Companies are actively hiring. Generative AI capabilities.
  • Meta, Amazon and Capital One are among the employers with many job listings touting genAI.
  • Jobs involving artificial intelligence often come with six-figure salaries.

Generative AI contributes to a Increase in job vacancies otherwise beautiful A difficult year for technology.

This year saw 10,113 generative AI job postings, a A recent study If Lightcast examines posts on job boards such as Indeed and company websites.

Posts come from a variety of industries, including Tech companies develop their own AI and educational platforms that want to experiment with the technology, Leila Oken, senior economist at Lightcast, told Insider in an email.

Data scientists, machine learning engineers and curriculum writers were among them. Top job titles for posts that mention Generative AI.

“We were surprised to see the proliferation of generative AI skills in jobs that didn’t develop these technologies,” Kane said. “This indicates that employees and employers alike are adapting their work needs and ways of working to incorporate these new generative AI tools.”

Here are the nine companies with the most job listings applying generative AI between September 2022 and September 2023, according to Lightcast.

  1. Chegg: 377 jobs in 12 months

Currently, the education platform has more than ten AI-related jobs open on its job portal, including curriculum writers in areas such as financial analysis, cyber security and digital marketing.

These contract positions — which pay $40 to $120 an hour — rank AI platforms like ChatGPT as top talent. The job requires the use of AI tools to create course materials such as lesson plans.

  1. Meta: 330 job listings

Hand Block Meta Ray Smart Glasses

Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated the versatility of the Meta smart glasses in an Instagram video where he guided the glasses through his daughter’s hair.

JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images

Meta AI has released several AI projects including chatbots and Ray-Ban smart glasses.

The company is currently hiring an AI-related research engineer, an applied research scientist, and a product technical program manager — each with a six-figure salary.

  1. Capital One: 305 job details

in may Capital One has hired a head of enterprise AI. It is part of the bank’s efforts to improve customer experience using AI.

It is currently hiring for positions involved in building and releasing AI products, including Data Scientist, Generative AI Engineer, and Technical Program Manager. Each position has a salary range of over $200,000.

  1. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: 273 job listings

The research institute, part of the US Department of Energy, is working with AI to combat cybersecurity threats and aid disaster response.

PNNL is currently looking to hire a data scientist to support its renewable energy efforts and another to work on AI applications in robotics.

  1. Amazon: 181 job listings

Amazon logo

Amazon is hiring employees with experience in building large language models.

Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

In September, the retail giant expanded Amazon BedrockA large collection of language models, for AWS customers in the US and Asia, and announced an investment of up to $4 billion in partnership with OpenAI competitor Anthropic.

Amazon’s is currently hiring a Generative AI Data Scientist to work on the AWS team. The candidate, according to the specification, is expected to have experience in creating models such as GPT. It is also seeking a Generative AI Strategist to help clients incorporate artificial intelligence into their business models. Salaries for both roles can exceed $200,000 depending on geographic region.

  1. Accenture: 168 job listings

International consulting firm in June Accenture announced that it is investing $3 billion in its artificial intelligence technology and plans to double the AI ​​talent in its workforce to 80,000 people, partly through new hires.

Currently hiring Advanced AI Research Scientist and Responsible AI Consultant. The latter’s salary goes up to $338,000.

  1. Nvidia: 162 job details

The need for Nvidia’s GPUs – Chips that power AI systems – have skyrocketed, and are set to continue.

“We currently have over 120 open roles related to generative AI,” an Nvidia spokesperson told Email in mid-November.

These openings include Generative AI Performance Engineer, Product Manager, and Senior Solutions Architect. Each position has a salary range of over $200,000 at the top.

  1. Scale AI: 153 job details

Scale AI works with US government agencies, startups, and major companies like Microsoft and Meta to build and train their large language models.

“With exploding demand for AI solutions, there has been a strong demand for AI expertise that can help organizations move from inception to deployment,” a Scale AI spokesperson told Email Insider.

Scale AI continues to expand its workforce across multiple teams. The company is hiring a Strategic Account Executive, Development Lead and AI Infrastructure Engineer.

  1. Cornerstone OnDemand: 119 job listings

    HR software integrates AI across platforms to help clients automate performance reviews, develop employee skills, and analyze talent data.

    The company is currently hiring for a Lead Data Science Lead who is experienced in building generative models and is responsible for implementing generative AI across the company’s operations.

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