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Over the past few weeks, Qatar has been in the news as a key player in the crisis following the horrific terrorist massacre by Hamas in southern Israel. October 7.

Qatar actively donates to Hamas, hosts Hamas political leaders and its headquarters in Doha, and regularly meets with Hamas leaders. GazaAll this led him to work as a mediator for the release of the hostages.

Despite Qatar’s role in evacuating Israelis and international hostages from Gaza — which, surprisingly, has earned Qatar the praise of President Joe Biden — the question is garnering much attention in Washington and around the world: How exactly was Qatar allowed to do so? To support terrorists and support terror for years while maintaining diplomatic, economic and military ties with the West?

How Qatar supports terrorism while being diplomatic

The answer will surprise and shock you in equal measure.

Photo: Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahi (left) meets with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Doha, Qatar, last month. (Credit: Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs/West Asia News Agency/Reuters)

Last week marked the first year of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The global appeal of the FIFA World Cup is vast, attracting billions of viewers. Held every four years, the tournament attracts extensive media coverage, engaging a large international audience, including people who do not normally follow football.

In addition to television viewers, millions of soccer fans fly from all over the world to watch their country play the “beautiful game” in giant soccer stadiums, and the 2022 World Cup was no exception. An impressive 3.4 million viewers turned out to watch the tournament, with 172 goals scored over four weeks making Qatar 2022 the highest-grossing FIFA World Cup in history.

However, as revealed before the tournament – and seen in more detail after the tournament – details of Qatar’s outlook and behavior in relation to the World Cup paint a picture of this small but mighty nation. It has been marred by allegations of bribery of labor to ensure that hosting rights are granted, and after being confirmed as a host, it deliberately cheated on environmental obligations.


In particular, the stark contrast between Qatar’s self-proclaimed “carbon-neutral” World Cup and the reality of its performance reveals a calculated misreport. However, by and large, Qatar has emerged from its horrendous criminals and frauds. EU officials have been bribed by Qatar, World Cup host rivals in “black ops” and hacking operations, and thousands of slaves – yes slaves! – He died during the construction of a football stadium in Doha.

But in the end, despite concerns about how Qatar became the host of this global sporting behemoth, and how it misled the world about the event’s staggering environmental footprint, Qatar’s vast wealth ensured that this corrupt nation had nothing to worry about. – and can navigate the global stage with impunity.

It’s really as simple as that.

Qatar’s vast financial resources play a vital role in shaping international perceptions and responses to this criminal and terrorist-sponsoring state. Their infiltration of the global economy and the systematic funding of NGOs and elite educational institutions dominate the narrative in many aspects and are always in favor of evil.

Now, as of Oct. 7, talk is growing about how Qatar’s tangible economic power has been able to shed light on controversial issues. But nothing has changed so far. This unacceptable situation raises critical questions about the dynamics of power and money in international relations, especially in situations where significant international interests and reputations are at stake.

The story of Qatar’s World Cup is a stark but not innocuous example of the challenge of holding rich and powerful nations accountable.

But Qatar’s role in funding Hamas and the October 7 massacre brought the role of this bad actor into the spotlight, leading to a significant shift in thinking. Finally, policymakers in the West are beginning to re-examine how these lords of deception have been able to keep the world simple for decades, even as their unlimited wealth has fueled murder, mayhem and violence.

Shockingly, the deception continues. Qatar’s public face, acting as a respected mediator between the evil Hamas killers and the damaged state of Israel, denies that Qatar is ruled by the iron fist of a small group of anti-Semitic thugs – of which the Altani family is one. Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani told a newspaper: “Imagine oil. [was sold] In some Jews… How much will a barrel of oil cost? It will be the most expensive thing in the world.

And this week I heard from someone who has maintained a close relationship with Altanis for many years: “We’re not violent — we can’t stand Jews, unless it’s toward Jews.”

So are these, as former Qatari ambassador to the United States, Mashal bin Hamad al-Thani, a member of the Al-Thani family, “honest brokers” of the current crisis?

Obviously it is. Qatar, The sophisticated sophistication and attempt to frame the West as mere unwelcome intermediaries of the world’s evils is as evil as its defenses. Qatar and especially the Altani family who have ruled this small country for decades cannot claim innocence.

Their hands are drenched in the blood of the innocents killed on October 7. Still, every prisoner in Gaza is a direct result of Qatar’s nefarious relationship with the tyrants who rule Gaza.

After October 7th, there is no reason for anyone to look anywhere else. Qatar should be sanctioned, its western assets should be frozen or confiscated, its leaders should be jailed for aiding and abetting terrorists, crimes against humanity. Otherwise, the world allows them to get away with murder.

The writer is the senior rabbi of the Beverly Hills Synagogue in California. He also serves on the executive committee of the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) and on the board of Israel Christian Nexus, an interfaith organization that focuses on mutual support and advocacy for Israel.

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