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For AR people, Monday (Nov. 27) formed a ballot petition committee to put an amendment on the Arkansas ballot to address reproductive freedom.

The new group, Arkansas, wants to qualify for a limited-government, constitutional amendment proposal — the Arkansas Reproductive Health Care Amendment — that would not limit abortions up to 18 weeks after conception or in cases of rape or a fatal fetal anomaly between relatives, or abortions to preserve the life or health of the pregnant woman. when needed.

“When it comes to personal health care, Arkansans know what’s best for their families, and the state shouldn’t pretend to play ‘doctor’ or know better,” said Dr. Hershey Garner, chairman of Arkansas Government Limited and a spokesperson for the group. group. “These issues are very personal and should be between the individual and the medical provider.”

Garner is an Arkansas board-certified physician and attorney with nearly 40 years of experience as a healthcare provider. Attorney Jim McHugh is serving as treasurer.

“Doctors and patients are the only decision-making group that families need to make health care decisions that allow them to thrive in Arkansas,” McHugh said. “Politicians’ influence in the most personal and often the most poignant moments of Arkansans’ lives must end.”

The group must obtain the ballot title certification from Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin. If it passes that hurdle, the committee would need to collect 90,704 valid voter signatures by July 2024 to get the amendment on the 2024 general election ballot.

You can read a copy of the proposed amendment In this link.

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