Have an opinion on finalists for Minnesota’s new flag? Now’s your chance to share.

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The commission tasked with selecting a new flag and seal for the state of Minnesota is taking public comments on its final designs as a year-end deadline nears.

Anyone interested in commenting on the six flag submission finalists and five stamp finalists You can now at the State Emblems Redesign Commission website..

last week, The 13-member commission selected finalists from more than 2,600 design submissions. Received in October. State lawmakers passed legislation earlier this year to change the state’s signs and created a commission to oversee the process.

On Tuesday, November 21, 2022, one of the finalists for the Minnesota state flag design was selected by the State Emblems Revision Committee in St. Paul.

Critics say the state flag, which features a state flag on a blue background, is unmemorable, similar to many state flags, and depicts white settlers displacing natives.

The Logo Symbols Commission sought to appeal through simplicity, symmetry and sustainability. Instructions dictate that the flag be recognizable from a distance and have a simple design that a child can draw from memory. The colors chosen include blue, green and white.

The commission began its work in September and must choose new designs no later than January 1, 2024. Minnesota will adopt the new signs on May 11, 2024, unless the Legislature rejects the recommendations.

There is no deadline for public comment yet. The commission is scheduled to meet on Tuesdays for its regular weekly meeting and has two in-person meetings scheduled for December 12 and December 15.

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