Heisman Trophy 2023: Bo Knows


The top players in college football have just one week left to make their case to Heisman voters.

The field appears to be down to three: Oregon’s Bo Nick (-150), Jayden Daniels (+120) of LSU and Michael Penix, Jr. (+1600) of Washington.

When the Knicks and Penix meet for the Pac12 Championship this weekend, Daniels’ candidacy is over.

Here are the stats heading into Championship Weekend:

Bo Nix

315-401 (78.6%) | 3,906yds | 37 TDs | 2 INTs | 189,8 RTG | 159 yds. to hurry | 6 TDs

Jayden Daniels

236-327 (72.2%) | 3,812yds | 40 TDs | 4 INTs | 208.0 RTG | 1,134yds rushing | 10 TDs

Michael Pennix, Jr

280-427 (65.6%) | 3,899yds 32 TDs | 8 INTs | 163.3 RTG | -14. to hurry | 3 TDs

Daniel’s numbers are clearly better. But will LSU’s three losses and absence from championship weekend hurt the San Bernardino senior?

Conversely, will the success of the Ducks and Huskies in the nation’s top conference this season boost the Knicks and Penix’s candidacy? Did their success pay the vote to improve Daniel’s polling percentage in the North West?

All valid questions.

As in the past, many would argue that the award has changed to the best player of the best team, but the results of the past decade have not been impressive. When USC’s Caleb Williams won last year, the Trojans finished 10thTh In the final selection. Bryce Young (2021) and Devonta Smith (2020) were top players on those Bama teams, as was Joe Burroughs (2019) against LSU. Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray (2018) and Baker Mayfield (2017) had the Sooners competing nationally, but Lamar Jackson’s three-loss Louisville team in 2016 was no contender to help Daniels’ case.

All three were exceptional this year, and each will require voters to take a long look at their nominees. As noted, voters will get a final look at the two quarterbacks from Northwestern this weekend. If neither of them stand out, Daniels could stand on stage in New York City as early as ’87.Th College football’s top individual honoree.

* All odds courtesy of BetMGM


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