Helping my friends this giving season


Dear editor

Each of us has the opportunity to be a gift of change for good in small ways. After some deliberation, I decided to give cash gifts to 3 other senior friends who were in the midst of growing changes. A person has a highly sought-after dental practice that she is putting on hold due to financial reasons. Another dramatically increased their property tax bill. Finally, he had another, more expensive car repair.

This year’s vision is to give my friends a gift of a thousand dollars divided into 4 installments (this will allow me to meet my own financial obligations without stress). I decided on the size by reviewing my own budget and eliminating luxuries like dining out, plays and impromptu shopping at TJ Maxx (smile) and beauty treatments. Being given this level helps me not only to help the people, but also to remind me that if we don’t help, no one will come.

Sheree Franklin Hill


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